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XYuppie Psycho

Yuppie Psycho

Join Brian Pasternack on his first day at one of the world’s largest companies, Sintracorp. Uncertain, unprepared, and massively unqualified, will Pasternack have what it takes to shine in Sintracorp’s hierarchy? It all depends on how he performs on his first assignment… and whether he survives it.

Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Trading Cards · Captions available · Steam Cloud Windows |  Mac |  Linux |  Steam Achievements |  Full controller support |  Steam Trading Cards

Website: http://yuppiepsycho.com/

Developer: Baroque Decay, Publisher: Another Indie

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Score: 65.23
My name is Luzia...and this story isn't about me, but my sister. Play as Luzia in her quest to return home. After Luzia and her older sister, Sombria are abducted by strangers; it is up to Luzia to help her and her sister home.
| Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements
AdventureIndiePixel GraphicsHorrorGore
Score: 59.49
When a plane crashes in the Caribbean Sea, a passenger ends up in a mysterious adventure far beyond the set reality he once knew.
| | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Cloud
IndieAdventureGoreStory RichHorror
Score: 58.58
In this horror-adventure game, you must search for your missing classmate in a school plagued by unnatural phenomena. This new upgraded version of "Misao" features improved graphics and additional content. Get your own copy of Misao: Definitive Edition now!
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards
Score: 58.14
After receiving a disturbing letter from his brother, our protagonist decides to go looking for him at the hotel Beryl. He will soon discover the strangeness of the places, the objects, the paintings, the shadows and the terrifying models moving, speaking, living of their own will.
Windows · Single-player
Score: 57.80
Lamentum is a pixel art survival horror game, set in New England in the mid-nineteenth century.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support
Score: 56.78
You're on the air, and they want you DEAD! Play as a murderous Marshmallow as you go onto a twisted internet game show that challenges who you are. The choices are in the audiences hands. You're not sick enough to play something this deranged... Right?
| | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Partial Controller Support · Steam Cloud
Sexual ContentIndieViolentAdventureGore
Score: 56.31
“I’ll tell you a scary story. It’s so scary you might not be able to take it. It’s the story of the Sand Man...” This is the second title in the Strange Man series, developed by Uri Games. Unable to sleep and exhausted, Sophie wanders into a town where everything sleeps. That is where the terror begins...
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
Score: 56.24
"You're a demon child. Someday, you'll be burning in hell for your sins.". This is the fourth and final title in the Strange Man series, developed by Uri Games. Will was running away from home with his mouse buddy Pop, until the two of them wandered into an abandoned building. What secrets lie hidden within?
| Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Partial Controller Support · Steam Cloud
CasualAdventureIndieRPGMakerPixel Graphics
Score: 56.04
Escape by means of "Voice"! The second installment of the new feeling puzzle and escape game! You are being held in a room that you haven't been to before. The only thing you can do is using telephone to ask for hint from a cooperator.
| Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Cloud
AdventureAnimeRPGIndieVisual Novel
Score: 55.99
Embark on a terrifying adventure of a priest accused of murdering an altar boy. Gray Dawn is a psychological thriller infused with religious elements and combines story-driven quests with an artistic experience.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Cloud
AdventureIndieStory RichThrillerLovecraftian
Score: 55.04
Pixel adventure inspired by classics like Zelda and Silent Hill.
| | | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
AdventureIndiePixel GraphicsHorrorRPG
Score: 54.54
Don't Be Afraid is an adventure horror that allows you to become a boy kidnapped by a psycho. Exploring the giant house of your torturer you will soon discover many things worse than your childish...
Windows · Single-player
Score: 54.53
They That Feast is a cosmic / Lovecraftian horror game in which your enemies can't simply be observed by the naked eye. Can you walk the line between sanity and survival?
Windows · Single-player
Score: 54.09
Silver Chains is a first-person horror game with a strong emphasis on story and exploration. Search for clues within an old abandoned manor to unravel the truth about the terrible events which have happened.
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Score: 53.94
When a young woman goes missing, a private investigator must trace the clues to find her...but is he ready for what follows him ? Evil eyes are waiting.
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements
Score: 53.94
Grab your headphones and play one of the most atmospheric horror games on Steam!
| Windows · Mac · Single-player · Partial Controller Support
IndieAdventureActionHorrorPsychological Horror
Score: 53.78
Agony is a first-person, survival horror set in hell. You will begin your journey as a tormented soul within the depths of hell without any memories about your past. The special ability to control people on your path, and possess demons, gives you the measures to survive.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Partial Controller Support · Steam Cloud · Steam Leaderboards
HorrorNuditySexual ContentGoreDemons
Score: 53.57
Based on a true story, discover the horror of the Canton insane asylum as you attempt to rescue your daughter. Experience the scariest game of 2014.
| | | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Captions available
Score: 53.43
There Is No Tomorrow is a 3rd person Stealth Action Adventure game. Leon was casted into the future where humans are at a blink of extinction due to the mysterious creatures known as 'RA' that have populated the world.
Windows · Single-player
Score: 53.39
You'll scream in pleasure... You'll choke with fear! Play through 11 sick, frightening and perverted games, released in an experimental episodic format that relies on you, the players, to continue. Can the curious souls brave through the hidden depths of each game to reach the shocking conclusion?
Windows · Single-player · Partial Controller Support
GoreSexual ContentIndieNudityHorror
Score: 53.33
Curiosity is a deadly sin, to gain something you must lose something. Is catharsis nothing more than a Hollow Bliss?
| Windows · Single-player · Steam Trading Cards · Partial Controller Support · Steam Cloud
AdventureSexual ContentViolentGoreIndie
Score: 53.33
A pleasantly awaited trip back home for the holidays becomes a nightmare for Catherine as a tragic accident leaves her unconscious. After coming to her senses, she realizes that something is dreadfully wrong and that she must escape the doll factory she awoke in. Before it's too late...
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
Score: 53.32
Legend tells of a door deep below Tokyo's sewers. All who enter are lost forever. Detective Ito's partner is missing. Explore Tokyo & uncover the darkness that lays beneath the streets in this Point & Click - meets Visual Novel - narrative adventure that questions the very core of Ito's sanity.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards
AnimeVisual NovelFemale ProtagonistHorrorPoint & Click
Score: 53.17
House of Evil - atmospheric survival horror with a first-person view, in which you can test your nerves for strength. The events take place in the mansion that exists in reality. The main character is an ordinary philistine, his wife is an exorcist, after an unusual telephone conversation, the protagonist can not call to the spouse, and...
Windows · Single-player
Score: 52.80
Room54 is a first person adventure/survival horror game, focused on investigation, exploration,solving puzzles and action. The story of Daniel and his wife Desirè in an apparently quiet small mountain town full of secrets.
| | Windows · Single-player · Full controller support · Steam Workshop
Score: 52.68
Outlast 2 introduces you to Sullivan Knoth and his followers, who left our wicked world behind to give birth to Temple Gate, a town, deep in the wilderness and hidden from civilization. Knoth and his flock are preparing for the tribulations of the end of times and you’re right in the thick of it.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Cloud
HorrorPsychological HorrorSurvival HorrorFirst-PersonGore
Score: 52.51
This Strange Realm Of Mine is a First Person Shooter mixed with poetry and psychological horror. Graphic style is 3D mixed with pixel art.
| | | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
IndieAdventureActionFPSPixel Graphics
Score: 52.44
Surrounded by enemies and assaulted by terror from all sides, Philip must collect clues and solve vexing puzzles while combating the gnawing psychological terrors that assail his mind and threaten to strip him of his sanity.
Penumbra: Black PlagueHIGHLY RATED
| | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Captions available
HorrorAdventureFirst-PersonPsychological HorrorStealth
Score: 52.43
An epic supernatural horror adventure and the spiritual successor to cult classic Scratches set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Hammer Films and twisted Euro Horror from the 80s.
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Captions available · Steam Cloud

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