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Foundation is a grid-less, sprawling medieval city building simulation with a heavy focus on organic development and monument creation.

Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Cloud Windows |  Steam Achievements

Website: https://www.polymorph.games

Developer: Polymorph Games, Publisher: Polymorph Games

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Score: 48.21
| | | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Workshop
City BuilderStrategySimulationSurvivalIndie
Command a settlement of ancient humans, guide them through the ages in their struggle for survival. Hunt, gather, craft tools, fight, research new techs and face the challenges the environment will throw at you.
Score: 45.92
Windows · Single-player
City BuilderStrategyEconomyEarly AccessSimulation
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is the ultimate real-time soviet-themed city builder tycoon game. Construct your own republic and transform a poor country into a rich industrial superpower!
Score: 44.72
Windows · Single-player
For centuries Europe has been dominated by the church and nobility. On the shoulders of ordinary people the servants of god and the noble families justified their power and wealth. This was the incontrovertible, divine world order. A truly dark era… In the 14th Century the world order is beginning to transform itself.
Score: 44.56
Kingdoms and CastlesHIGHLY RATED
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements
City BuilderStrategyMedievalBuildingSimulation
Kingdoms and Castles is a game about growing a kingdom from a tiny hamlet to a sprawling city and imposing castle.
Score: 43.79
Tropico 6NEW
| | | | | Windows · Linux · Single-player · Online Multi-Player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Workshop · Steam Cloud
StrategyCity BuilderEconomySimulationManagement
El Presidente is back! Prove yourself once again as a feared dictator or peace-loving statesman on the island state of Tropico and shape the fate of your very own banana republic through four distinctive eras.
Score: 43.73
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Multi-player · Online Multi-Player · Co-op · Online Co-op · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
StrategyCity BuilderResource ManagementRTSMultiplayer
Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology in which you control a clan of Vikings vying for the control of a mysterious newfound continent.
Score: 43.12
| | | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Multi-player · Co-op · Cross-Platform Multiplayer · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Workshop · Steam Cloud · Includes level editor
StrategySimulationCity BuilderSandboxMultiplayer
Return to the remote island nation of Tropico and expand your Dynasty’s reign from the early colonial period to beyond the 21st Century, facing new challenges including advanced trading mechanics, technology and scientific research, as well as cooperative and competitive MULTIPLAYER.
Score: 42.92
| | | Windows · Single-player · Online Multi-Player · Online Co-op · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Workshop · Steam Cloud · Includes level editor
StrategyMedievalRTSCity BuilderMultiplayer
Stronghold Crusader 2 is the long awaited sequel to the original castle sim. After 12 years Stronghold returns to the desert with a new 3D engine and powerful Havok Physics. Crusader 2 recaptures the original game’s addictive, fast-paced gameplay and authentic castle simulation.
Score: 42.58
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Multi-player · Steam Trading Cards · Includes level editor
StrategyCity BuilderMedievalSimulationRTS
Set 10 years after the original, Stronghold 3: Gold follows the vengeful story of The Wolf in the third installment of the award-winning castle building series. The Wolf has cheated death become even more bitter and twisted. Build castles, rally your troops and save medieval England!
Score: 42.33
| | Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Online Multi-Player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud · Includes level editor
StrategyMedievalRTSSimulationGrand Strategy
Rewrite medieval history through bloody siege combat in a fusion of RTS and Grand Strategy genres. Rule, build, and serve your King as a minor lord in medieval Europe. Experience siege, field and naval combat with an unseen degree of brutality.
Score: 42.16
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Cloud · Stats · Steam Leaderboards
StrategyIndieSimulationChoices MatterEconomy
A Turn-based Strategy game in a futuristic global cold war from the award-winning creators of Out There. Recruit a squad of special agents and run your intel agency to secure the control of the singularity.
Score: 42.11
| Windows · Single-player · Steam Workshop · Steam Cloud
City BuilderStrategyResource ManagementSimulationMedieval
LiF:Forest Village is a city builder with survival aspects in a realistic harsh medieval world. Shape, build and expand your settlement, grow various food to prevent your villagers from avitaminosis and starvation. Possess them for additional micromanagement or simply to wander around.
Score: 41.82
| | | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards
City BuilderSimulationStrategyManagementComedy
The world is changing and Tropico is moving with the times - geographical powers rise and fall and the world market is dominated by new players with new demands and offers - and you, as El Presidente, face a whole new set of challenges.
Score: 41.70
| | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Workshop
City BuilderStrategySimulationRPGFantasy
Folk Tale is a single-player fantasy village builder RPG game. Grow your village from nothing, recruit heroes, explore dungeons, battle bosses, and take home a big bag of sweet loot.
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Score: 41.06
Stronghold Crusader HDHIGHLY RATED
| Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud · Includes level editor
StrategyMedievalRTSMultiplayerCity Builder
The highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling Stronghold, Stronghold Crusader HD throws you into historic battles and castle sieges from the Crusades with fiendish AI opponents, new units, 4 historical campaigns and over 100 unique skirmish missions.
Score: 40.86
| Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Steam Trading Cards
StrategyCity BuilderSimulationFuturisticRTS
Build your society of the future, colonize islands, and create sprawling megacities with multitudes of buildings, vehicles, and resources to manage.
Score: 40.54
| | | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Multi-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud · Stats
StrategySimulationMedievalGrand StrategyTrading
Rise from the humble role of a simple mayor governing a small settlement and rule over all of Europe.
Score: 40.49
| | Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Co-op · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Includes level editor
KW2B brings massive sieges and survival to medieval strategy. With epic storytelling and complex crafting, fight to survive through brutal siege combat, fighting each other, and hordes of Zombies. With complex castle and city building, beautiful, yet gory battlefields await in epic story campaign, mmo skirmish and coop modes.
Score: 40.15
Windows · Single-player · Steam Cloud
StrategySimulationIndieEarly AccessCity Builder
Civitatem is a medieval city builder where you help your villagers raise a new settlement in dangerous lands by making use of their skills and available world resources.
Score: 39.81
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards
SimulationStrategyCity BuilderCasualIndie
Empire Architect is an ancient city-building real time strategy game, with elements from grand strategies sprinkled in for good measure.
Score: 39.79
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Cloud
StrategySimulationIndieTower Defense2D
The Quiet Sleep is a simulation/tower defense game set in your mind. Build out different parts of your personality to keep a handle on your emotions and to achieve your goals!
Score: 39.48
Windows · Single-player
An old school city building RTS where your people's greatest threat are the elements.
Score: 39.30
| | | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Leaderboards
StrategySimulationCity BuilderBuildingSpace
In this build-up strategy game you build global colonies on distant planets. Establish space trade and research to lead your corporation into wealth and prosperity. Find allies, compete against rivals, and protect your civilization from natural disasters and alien invaders.
Score: 39.26
| | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Achievements
It's hard to be a governor, and to be one in the medieval China is even harder! You have not only to develop the city, but also to make sure that it follows its unique way – Dao of the city.
Score: 39.12
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Cloud · Stats
Ready to start anew? Build a village from scratch in Seeds of Resilience. Learn to choose the right items, understand nature's patterns, use real life-based constructions and craft techniques in this turn-based tycoon game.
Score: 39.11
| | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player
SimulationEarly AccessStrategyIndieBuilding
School Owner is a construction and management simulation game where you manage an entire school, from pre-school to college.
Score: 38.61
Windows · Single-player
Play as another US president! Decide on the fate of millions of people in your country and around the world.
Score: 38.58
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Workshop
SandboxCity BuilderStrategySimulationIndie
Gnomoria is a sandbox village management game where you help lead a small group of gnomes, who have set out on their own, to thrive into a bustling kingdom! Anything you see can be broken down and rebuilt elsewhere.
Score: 38.52
| Windows · Mac · Single-player
City BuilderIndieSandboxSimulationStrategy
The game brings a fresh new take on the city building/management genre by introducing many RPG features. In Towns you manage a settlement on top of an active dungeon. Instead of playing the hero who delves deep into the dungeon, how about playing the town that houses and caters to the hero's needs?
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