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Xmissed messages.
missed messages.

missed messages.

‘goth gf’s iPhone’ airdrops you - accept or decline? A love/horror story about life, death, & memes.

Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player Windows |  Mac |  Linux

Developer: Angela He, Publisher: Angela He

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Score: 57.48
The true meaning of the word fear... Once upon a time, fairy tales were valuable cautionary yarns filled with dire warnings and sage advice. However, over time, the stories have become so watered down with cute woodland creatures and happy endings that they have lost their true meaning and purpose. No more!
| Windows · Single-player · Steam Trading Cards
IndieFree to PlayVillain ProtagonistFunnyCasual
Score: 52.29
Trick & Treat is a Visual Novel that test your instincts by making choices that can get you out from the cursed forest or drive you to death… or maybe just maybe your choices can guide you to something more?
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements
Free to PlayAnimeVisual NovelHorrorSexual Content
Score: 48.07
DISTRAINT is a 2D psychological horror adventure game for PC. In order to secure a partnership in a famous company, Price seizes the property of an elderly woman. In that very moment, he finds out the price of his humanity.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Partial Controller Support
IndieHorrorPsychological HorrorPixel Graphics2D
Score: 47.71
In this very short kinetic novel, you will play as Jung who's meeting up and hanging out with a girl named Ai. Spend your time wisely.
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Cloud
Free to PlayAnimeVisual NovelShortIndie
Score: 46.58
Mirt is a small town, lost somewhere in the northern valleys, welcoming none. Everything is frozen here, even time itself. A newcomer will have difficulties getting used to the snow in the middle of summer, the strange natives, each of whom knows something, though never tells, and most of all — to the story of Mirt, not a long history,...
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
Visual NovelIndieAdventureStory RichAtmospheric
Score: 46.26
SC2VN is a visual novel about the South Korean StarCraft 2 scene. You play as Mach, a foreign semi-pro trying to make it in eSports who soon learns that success in StarCraft takes more than in-game strategy.
| | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player
Visual NovelAnimeFree to PlayCasualIndie
Score: 46.26
Despite determination and skill, Natalie Puccile, a Special Investigations and Tactics officer, has spent her career watching over a listening post in the middle of deep space. After the orders that she has always dreamed of arrive, she finds herself in charge of a small destroyer and tasked with discovering the fate of a missing...
| | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player
Visual NovelFree to PlayAnimeIndieAdventure
Score: 45.78
Battle for the Galaxy is a freemium cross-platform MMO strategy video game. Battle for the Galaxy features player controlled development of the space outpost, further defending that outpost from other players, as well as attacking outposts of other players.
Windows · Multi-player · Online Multi-Player · MMO · Cross-Platform Multiplayer · In-App Purchases · Steam Cloud
Free to PlayStrategyMassively MultiplayerIndieCasual
Score: 45.13
"Love is both poison and cure, both knife and remedy." Set in 18th Century France, this is a gothic romance tale about loss, revenge and the different faces of love.
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements
Free to PlayVisual NovelNuditySexual ContentIndie
Score: 44.52
What do you do if you are the only one left aboard a spaceship? Your team has embarked on a mysterious expedition a few years ago, the ship’s machinery has started acting up and it seems there are ghosts wandering about. Luckily, the black hole above you doesn’t pose any problems…yet.
| Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements
IndieSci-fi2DSpacePoint & Click
Score: 44.37
Are you tired of fighting? Lovers of Aether is the game for you! This is a wholesome animal dating simulator set in the world of Rivals of Aether.
| Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Cloud
Psychological HorrorDating SimFree to PlayVisual NovelCasual
Score: 44.18
A romantic comedy visual novel centered around a girl named Mika Anderson, who gets entangled in the affairs of incubi.
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements
Free to PlayNudityVisual NovelOtomeAnime
Score: 43.65
The Fairytale Curse was only the beginning...
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements
Free to PlayVisual NovelOtomeRomanceFemale Protagonist
Score: 43.43
An otome dating sim about a humorously jerky young lady and her mission to woo one of multiple uniquely, but equally, obnoxious guys.
| | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Achievements
CasualSimulationIndieVisual NovelDating Sim
Score: 42.65
Enjoy a fun, grid tapping game that gets faster the more you play. See how long you can last tapping the flashing buttons. Now with a bunch of fun skins!
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Multi-player · Online Multi-Player · Cross-Platform Multiplayer · Steam Leaderboards
Free to PlayPsychological HorrorMemesIndieCold War
Score: 42.48
Follow the story of a young boy, Cantus as he meets Maris, the mysterious girl by the sea - an experience that will change his life forever.
Windows · Single-player
Free to PlayVisual NovelAnimeCasualAdventure
Score: 42.41
A free horror Visual Novel about an ill-fated journey across Sinnlos, a lake where gruesome monsters lurk just beneath the surface. With times being so dire you'll need to decide what, and who, is going to be sacrificed. Anyone can be saved, but not everyone can be.
| | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Achievements
Free to PlayIndieCasualVisual NovelChoices Matter
Score: 41.90
Emily is Away is an interactive story. Create a screenname and choose your path through the branching narrative.
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards
Free to PlayStory RichSingleplayerIndieChoices Matter
Score: 41.86
Been looking for the thrill? Then you've come to the right place! Insanity Clicker is a time-killer game full of horror and fear that will make you tremble in a couple of minutes!
| | | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Online Multi-Player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · In-App Purchases · Steam Cloud
Free to PlayClickerHorrorCasualAdventure
Score: 41.83
The Literature Club is full of cute girls! Will you write the way into their heart? This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.
Doki Doki Literature ClubHIGHLY RATED
| Windows · Mac · Single-player
Psychological HorrorAnimeVisual NovelFree to PlayHorror
Score: 41.38
Love. Kill. Try not to die. Probably die anyway. XOXO Blood Droplets is a cute, comedic, and creepy Visual Novel with a just absurdly high ending count.
| Windows · Mac
Free to PlayViolentGoreCasualIndie
Score: 41.13
During your first year of university, immense magical powers are forced onto you, thus revealing the supernatural world hidden within ours. But you must learn to control your powers with the help of a partner or risk destroying everything around you. Will your new fate be one of tragedy or serendipity?
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · In-App Purchases
Visual NovelOtomeFemale ProtagonistIndieCasual
Score: 40.97
Tumblestone is the first original action-puzzle game of the past fifteen years -- completely reinventing the genre into a deep and cerebral puzzle solving experience that you won't forget.
| | | | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Online Multi-Player · Local Multi-Player · Shared/Split Screen · Cross-Platform Multiplayer · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud · Stats · Steam Leaderboards
Score: 40.54
Lucid9 is a visual novel focused on a web of intricate mysteries set in the fictional 2018 metropolis of Isamu. Lucid9: Inciting Incident is the first part of the story, focused on a string of disappearances that occur at a prestigious, uppity boarding academy.
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements
Free to PlayVisual NovelAnimeMysteryStory Rich
Score: 40.50
X-note is a blend between Visual Novel and Dating Sim. Follow the story of Essi as she pursues the truth of her mother's death.
| Windows · Single-player · Steam Trading Cards
Visual NovelAnimeAdventureOtomeFemale Protagonist
Score: 40.48
One day, Ciarán starts receiving enigmatic emails from a mysterious sender, turning his everyday life into a mess of a romantic comedy with psychological themes mixed in. What lies beyond the mystery he's been presented with? In the words of Harry H.: "If you want to know the truth, go find it".
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support
Free to PlayVisual NovelAnimeCasualStory Rich
Score: 39.88
A free, unique comic/anime-style visual novel containing both action and dating elements, The Mind Hero weaves in actual psychology which you can apply to your own life as well.
Windows · Single-player
Free to PlayRPGSexual ContentNudityMature
Score: 39.78
A free game created by Ebi-Hime, author of Asphyxia, The Way We ALL GO, and Strawberry Vinegar. TSSofEB is a free yuri (girls' love) game created for a game jam. As the saying goes, dead men tell no tales. They only leave tales behind.
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements
Visual NovelIndieCasualFemale ProtagonistFree to Play
Score: 39.75
A game about never-ending problem of loading screens. We've all experienced it while playing games, while downloading something, while installing an operating system ect.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Leaderboards
Free to PlayMemesClickerSimulationIndie

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