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XEvil Bank Manager
Evil Bank Manager

Evil Bank Manager

What could be better than having a million? Have a Billion? But this will not give you all power over the world. Your goal is not to make a lot of money - but to start printing them. Become a Federal Reserve System and you become greatest!

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Score: 709.00
What will be the strategy game if you throw out all the grind from it, all the boring annoying actions and leave only strategy and tactics? It became interesting to us and as a result we received Generals & Rulers. Try it now!
| | | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Online Multi-Player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
Score: 631.00
The Cold War Era is strategy game based on the historical conflict between the USA and the USSR
| Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements
SimulationIndieStrategyCold WarWar
Score: 607.00
Large-scale military-economic strategy. Which strategy lovers will appreciate! War, politics, and unique system of card tactical combat, and many features.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards
StrategyIndieCard GameRomeTurn-Based Combat
Score: 592.00
Strategy simulator of the Great Pyramids period, where you take your path from the unification of Egyptian tribes to the foundation of The First Empire. Developed with the assistance of Egyptologists.
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
HistoricalTurn-BasedSingleplayerWarTurn-Based Strategy
Score: 581.00
Unity of Command II is the sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed strategy games of all time; a game critics called 'the perfect gateway' into computer war games.
| | Windows · Single-player · Local Multi-Player · Shared/Split Screen · Steam Achievements · Steam Workshop · Steam Cloud
StrategySimulationIndieWorld War IITurn-Based
Score: 566.00
Age of Gladiators II: Rome is a single-player strategy/management sim set at the height of the bloody gladiatorial games in ancient Rome. As your fighters increase in level, it will be up to you to decide how to forge their attributes and abilities. Build your story. Build your empire.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards
Score: 541.00
The Last Warlord is a Turn-based strategy game. The game is based on the famous Chinese historical novel. The Three Kingdoms (A.D. 190 – 280) was the tripartite division of China between the states of Wei, Shu, and Wu.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
StrategyHistoricalSimulationIndieEarly Access
Score: 535.00
Field of Glory: Empires is a grand strategy game in which you will have to move in an intricate and living tapestry of nations and tribes, each one with their distinctive culture.
Windows · Single-player · Multi-player
StrategyGrand StrategyTurn-BasedMultiplayerHistorical
Score: 530.00
From Village to Empire is an indie turn based strategy game with a historical setting. Build cities, research technologies, and train units to discover new lands and conquer the world!
| | Windows · Linux · Single-player · Multi-player · Cross-Platform Multiplayer · Steam Workshop
Early AccessStrategyIndieTurn-Based Strategy4X
Score: 519.00
Balanced Politics Simulation is a political simulation game inspired by a quotation from Winston Churchill: ''Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.'' This time, your choices will definitely matter.
Windows · Single-player
StrategyIndieSimulationEarly AccessReplay Value
Score: 516.00
The bastard child of 4X and Tower defense, with a black humor infused plot, set in a grim, disillusioned world. Quell the rebellion, tame the Western Marches, disobey your orders and save your brandy. Not strictly in this order.
Empires in RuinsCOMING SOON
| | | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud · Stats · Steam Leaderboards
Early AccessStrategyIndieSimulationTower Defense
Score: 515.00
Do you find tycoon games too simplistic? GearCity is a complex and in-depth business simulator. It focuses on a realistic economic simulation of the global automobile industry. Many car tycoon games exist. Some are glorified car designers, while others are trivial. None are as comprehensive as GearCity.
| | | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Workshop · Includes level editor
ManagementSimulationStrategyEarly AccessEconomy
Score: 514.00
Legendary board game classic from award winning designer Vlaada Chvátil
| | | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Multi-player · Online Multi-Player · Cross-Platform Multiplayer · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Turn Notifications
StrategyBoard GameCard GameIndieHistorical
Score: 507.00
" Pacific Storm” series is a war simulation game. It is a scene of historical facts, and it has been praised by many historical war fans.
Windows · Single-player
StrategyActionSimulationWargameGrand Strategy
Score: 507.00
Turn based 4X strategy game, recreating the civilizations of ancient China. Develop your land, build great cities, raise huge armies and fight epic battles, with hundreds of soldiers fighting right on the game map. Advance your technologies, culture and religion to create one of mankind’s biggest empires.
Oriental EmpiresHIGHLY RATED
| | | Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Online Multi-Player · Online Co-op · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Workshop
Score: 506.00
Panzer Strategy is a World War II wargame that combines classic turn-based strategy gameplay with modern looks. Command your armies and adapt your units to any objective using a huge selection of real-life military equipment and battle skills.
Windows · Single-player
StrategyIndieWorld War IITurn-Based TacticsTurn-Based Strategy
Score: 505.00
Three Kingdoms of China is a free, open-source single-machine strategy three-country game developed by the domestic folk team. The game does not have any commercial nature, hoping to create a dream of Three Kingdoms for the fans of the three kingdoms.
Windows · Single-player
Free to PlayIndieStrategyHistoricalWar
Score: 505.00
Deity Empires is a 4X, turn-based strategy game with a powerful “just one more turn” feel! Enter an intricate fantasy world as one of many deities posed to become ruler of the world.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Workshop
Strategy4XTurn-BasedFantasyGrand Strategy
Score: 505.00
This strategy will take you back to the year 1805, where you'll take control of one of the Indian princely states, in order to liberate India from the British invaders, annex the rest of the countries and unite the subcontinent under your command.
| | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Achievements
StrategyIndieGrand StrategyEconomySandbox
Score: 505.00
Real-Time Strategy/Wargame. From World War II through the Cold War and into the future, re-live or re-imagine the tensions and crises of our recent history! Guide your nation through the era of your choice in Campaigns, Scenarios, and Sandboxes, as you make every effort to become Supreme Ruler!
| | | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Multi-player · Online Multi-Player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
StrategySimulationGrand StrategyIndieWorld War II
Score: 504.00
Are you ready to rewrite history and take on the role of ruler of the nation? Show your knowledge of tactics and strategy, become the commander-in-chief of a huge army! Lead the troops of one of the three nations - the USSR, Germany and the Allies - and pave your way for each of them!
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
StrategyIndieCard GameWorld War IIWar
Score: 502.00
Can you lead? Burden of Command is an emotionally authentic tactical leadership RPG. You’re a company Captain in the historical Cottonbalers. Fighting psychology as much as bullets, you must build respect, trust, and battlefield experience to bring your brothers safely home.
Windows · Single-player
World War IITactical RPGTurn-Based TacticsIndieRPG
Score: 498.00
Armies once again draw battle-lines on the war-torn land of Keldonia, and a new generation of commanders will test their bravery and tactics against each other. Fantasy wargaming is back!
| | Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
StrategyTurn-Based StrategyFantasyTurn-Based TacticsTurn-Based Combat
Score: 497.00
Imperator: Rome is the newest grand strategy title from Paradox Development Studio. Set in the tumultuous centuries from Alexander’s Successor Empires in the East to the foundation of the Roman Empire.
| | | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Multi-player · Online Multi-Player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Workshop · Steam Cloud
StrategyGrand StrategyRomeHistoricalSimulation
Score: 497.00
Civitatem is a medieval city builder where you help your villagers raise a new settlement in dangerous lands by making use of their skills and available world resources.
Windows · Single-player · Steam Cloud
StrategyIndieSimulationCity BuilderEarly Access
Score: 495.00
Astra Exodus is a single player turn based Sci-fi 4X strategy game inspired by the classics, with a multiple choice narrative driven epic campaign, top down real time tactical battles and an extensive semi-randomized research grid.
Windows · Single-player · Steam Cloud
StrategyIndie4XReal Time TacticsTurn-Based
Score: 495.00
Ostriv is a city-building game that puts you in a role of a governor of an 18th century town to challenge your creative skills and management abilities.
Windows · Single-player
StrategySimulationEarly AccessCity BuilderManagement
Score: 495.00
Rec Center Tycoon draws inspiration from the management classics like Theme Hospital to give you a deep business management game where you build and run a recreation center from the ground up. Micromanage employees, finances, customer needs and much more!
Windows · Single-player
SimulationStrategyCasualEarly AccessManagement
Score: 495.00
Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up is a tactical management sim set on the metro of bustling city Lubdon Town. It blends base-building, pausable real-time strategy, and spatial puzzling.
Windows · Single-player
StrategySimulationEarly AccessIndieManagement
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