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XFruit Postal Service
Fruit Postal Service

Fruit Postal Service

Fruit Postal Service is a package-delivery, battle-racing game where you play as members of the Fruit Postal Service: Walter Melon, Bandana-nana, Jack Apple, and more! Use your unique fruity abilities to deliver the most fruit to your customers and become employee of the month!

Windows · Multi-player · Local Multi-Player · Full controller support Windows |  Full controller support


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Score: 29.62
Battle for the Galaxy is a freemium cross-platform MMO strategy video game. Battle for the Galaxy features player controlled development of the space outpost, further defending that outpost from other players, as well as attacking outposts of other players.
Windows · Multi-player · Online Multi-Player · MMO · Cross-Platform Multiplayer · In-App Purchases · Steam Cloud
Free to PlayStrategyMassively MultiplayerIndieCasual
Score: 27.99
Be fast, be first and be famous as the race returns in GRID 2, the sequel to the BAFTA-award winning, multi-million selling Race Driver: GRID.
| | | | Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud · Valve Anti-Cheat enabled · Steam Leaderboards
Score: 24.19
RaceRoom is the premier free-to-play racing simulation on PC and home to official race series like DTM, WTCR, the WTCC and ADAC GT Masters. Enter RaceRoom and enter the world of a professional race car driver.
| Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Steam Trading Cards · In-App Purchases · Partial Controller Support
RacingFree to PlayMultiplayerSimulationDriving
Score: 24.07
Way out is a VR game for sports.You shuttle in the square arrays to get a way out.To get scores to improve ourselves for better achievement.Get up. Let us get fit in VR world. Let’s enjoy moving and shooting in sky, snow, laboratory.
Windows · Single-player
Score: 22.62
A free game in the truest sense of the word, TrackMania Nations Forever lets you drive at mind-blowing speeds on fun and spectacular tracks in solo and multiplayer modes.TrackMania Nations Forever offers a new "Forever" version of the Stadium environment, a solid solo mode and 65 brand new, progressively challenging tracks.
Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Includes level editor
RacingFree to PlayMultiplayerSingleplayerLevel Editor
Score: 22.32
They came in peace, but messed with the wrong old man. Armed with a musket, 78 year old Murray Mendelson has single-handedly started an interstellar war. Shoot first and ask questions later in this endless fast paced arcade shooter. Use everything in Murray’s arsenal to keep the aliens off of his perfectly manicured lawn!
| | | | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Leaderboards
Free to PlayCasualIndieShooterTower Defense
Score: 21.65
Smash worms or slither trying! Warning: Incredibly addicting Multiplayer Game!
| Windows · Mac · Multi-player · Cross-Platform Multiplayer · In-App Purchases
Free to PlayMultiplayerCasualFunny2D
Score: 21.02
Unique strategy/first person shooter mix: One commander on each team plays from above, choosing research, placing buildings and giving orders. The rest fill the role of soldiers on the ground, with four distinct classes to choose from and customizable vehicles to drive.
| Windows · Linux · Multi-player · Cross-Platform Multiplayer · Steam Cloud · Includes level editor · Includes Source SDK
Free to PlayStrategyActionFPSMultiplayer
Score: 20.81
Floating Point is a peaceful, free game about using a grappling hook to swing yourself gracefully through randomly generated spaces. The only objective is to collect points, and the only thing that increases your points is swinging swiftly, smoothly and elegantly without hitting anything.
| | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player
Free to PlayCasualRelaxingIndiePhysics
Score: 19.34
Co-operative multiplayer game and complete code base available for free.
| Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Co-op · Steam Achievements · Captions available · Steam Cloud · Stats · Includes level editor
Free to PlayCo-opActionMultiplayerAliens
Score: 19.32
Tales Runner is a wonderfully bright and cheerful racing game set in a world where your favorite fairy tales come to life! Challenge your friends and take some friendly competition to the next level. Race through your favorite fairy tales from all over the world!
| | Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Co-op · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · In-App Purchases
Free to PlayRacingAnimeAdventureMultiplayer
Score: 19.20
COPA PETROBRAS DE MARCAS is a 100% free official game simulating the thrill of competing wheel-to-wheel with models from various automakers in some of the main Brazilian race tracks.
Windows · Single-player · Partial Controller Support
RacingFree to PlaySimulationMultiplayerSports
Score: 19.08
SAMOLIOTIK is a stylish shoot-em-up with different enemies, bosses, colour palettes, power-ups, set in different eras. In this game you will fight Adolf Gutler,The Illuminati, and other creatures.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards
Score: 18.42
*** Game is closing on Nov. 30, 2018 ***Kingdoms CCG is an exciting, feature-rich trading card game featuring 27 unique heroes, over 900 cards, guilds, crafting and tournaments with prizes! Find your Kingdom and join the battle for control of the fantasy world of Euna. Victory awaits!
| | Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Cross-Platform Multiplayer · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · In-App Purchases
Free to PlayTrading Card GameStrategyMultiplayerFantasy
Score: 18.22
Explore the deepest SECRETs™ of the Tremendous Corporation®. Find out what happened to indie devs and save the gaming industry!
| Windows · Linux · Single-player · Captions available · Steam Cloud
Free to PlayAdventureIndieCasualPoint & Click
Score: 17.50
Transformice is an MMO platformer about dozens of mice running to bring back the cheese! Will the almighty Shaman help you or just ruin everything? Millions of levels, hectic physics, skill trees, and more importantly... hats!
| | | Windows · Mac · Multi-player · MMO · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Includes level editor
Free to PlayMultiplayerFunnyMassively Multiplayer2D
Score: 17.48
Assetto Corsa v1.16 introduces the new "Laguna Seca" laser-scanned track, 7 new cars among which the eagerly awaited Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio! Check the changelog for further info!
| | Windows · Single-player · Online Multi-Player · Steam Achievements · Partial Controller Support · Steam Leaderboards · Includes level editor
Score: 17.21
Craft legendary items, gear up your heroes for epic quests, and fight for the top of the Trade Wars and PvP Leaderboards in the original smash hit fantasy tycoon: Shop Heroes!
Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Online Multi-Player · MMO · Co-op · Online Co-op · Cross-Platform Multiplayer · In-App Purchases
Free to PlaySimulationCasualCraftingRPG
Score: 17.03
Build your spaceship from scratch, earn funds and invest them into building a bigger, better spaceship as you try and fly your way up to space!
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · In-App Purchases · Steam Cloud · Stats
Free to PlayCasualIndieStrategySimulation
Score: 16.67
Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight is an epic matching puzzle game now featuring 375 challenging levels, a local multiplayer mode, stunning HD graphics and more.
| | Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Shared/Split Screen · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Partial Controller Support · Steam Cloud
Free to PlayCasualMatch 3Female ProtagonistPuzzle
Score: 16.15
Enter the world of professional competitive drift and win online series amongst hundreds of other players to become the living legend. Buy, tune, trade, unite and conquer the drift scene.
| Windows · Single-player · Online Multi-Player · MMO · Steam Achievements · In-App Purchases · Partial Controller Support
RacingFree to PlayMultiplayerDrivingSimulation
Score: 16.13
Heavy Metal Machines is a fast-paced FREE TO PLAY Car Battle MOBA that combines unique gameplay on a post-apocalyptic world of Heavy Metal. Join a competitive community, be strategic, drive fast and battle for your life through multiple arenas to become a Legendary Metal Gladiator!
| Windows · Multi-player · Online Multi-Player · Co-op · Online Co-op · Steam Trading Cards · Captions available · In-App Purchases
Free to PlayRacingMOBAMultiplayerAction
Score: 16.12
“Happiness is only real when shared, especially with a water drop”. (Isn’t that how it goes?). Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the greatest journey you’ll ever set out on with the cutest friend.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Stats
Free to PlayCuteIndiePlatformerCasual
Score: 15.97
In Chicken Rider you play as a polar bear who is fighting for an animal freedom. This time you have a new mission. You have to help chickens held in the chicken farm. Suit up and go! The chickens are waiting for your help!
| Windows · Mac · Single-player · In-App Purchases
Free to PlayActionRacingCasualIndie
Score: 15.86
Every day, millions of players worldwide enter battle as one of over a hundred Dota heroes. And no matter if it's their 10th hour of play or 1,000th, there's always something new to discover. With regular updates that ensure a constant evolution of gameplay, features, and heroes, Dota 2 has taken on a life of its own.
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Multi-player · Co-op · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Workshop · SteamVR Collectibles · In-App Purchases · Valve Anti-Cheat enabled
Free to PlayMOBAMultiplayerStrategyeSports
Score: 15.85
Come play the trip of your life. Or make it!
| | | Windows · Linux · Single-player · Local Multi-Player · Shared/Split Screen · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Includes level editor
CasualIndieActionViolentGreat Soundtrack
Score: 15.82
Welcome, eager young investor, to AdVenture Capitalist! Arguably the world's greatest Capitalism simulator!
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud
Free to PlayClickerCapitalismSingleplayerCasual
Score: 15.77
Freestyle 2: Street Basketball is a fast paced online arcade basketball game. Create your own unique player and compete in the online street league! Use variety of b-ball moves and customize your player! Team up with the best street ballers online and rise to the top!
| Windows · Online Multi-Player · MMO · Online Co-op · Steam Trading Cards · Partial Controller Support
Free to PlayBasketballSportsMultiplayerMassively Multiplayer

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