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Import your Steam game library - Testing, testing

Here you can import your Steam library and find similar games based on what you already have. You can select just one game and browse its results, or more games, and the algorithm will try its best to give you recommendations based on your selection. If you select one game it works the same way as the search function on this site (a fast and easy way to check on your favorites), and in case of multiple games it shows the most relevant combined results.

After importing just select the game(s) from your list of games and hit the "Update result". You can use release date to hide older games, also show only upcoming games, and you can filter by SteamPeek rating too. Click "Load more" at the bottom for more results.

As this is quite a heavy work please keep in mind that the more games you select the longer it will take to find similar games. I recommend using smaller groups which are already similar (like RPG, FPS, strategy etc.) that way the mixed results will be more relevant too. Also feel free to try it on your indie games, it should handle them fine too.

Please note that your privacy is respected: your library will not be saved anywhere, used only for getting the list of the games, and only cached in memory for a small time.

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