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We Were Here Forever

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Sinister Night
Sinister Night
Social DeductionMultiplayerHorrorSupernaturalPsychological Horror

Sinister Night

0.00 0 18 May, 2022

In this multiplayer survival, horror, and deduction game, eight streamers enter a mysterious old building, planning to get famous via a livestream, but two of them become possessed by evil spirits. They will kill their companions and sacrifice them at the altar to complete a sinister ritual.

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Solomon Division
Solomon Division
DemonsHorrorCo-opOnline Co-OpPsychological Horror

Solomon Division

0.00 0 We will try to get it before Halloween

Solomon Division is a co-op horror game where you play as an employee of agency that hunts demons invading your country. Play together with your friends as Technician or Medium and seal the demons. Walk the path from a beginner agent to the veteran whose name makes the Devil himself shiver in fear.

Mark & Lara: Partners In Justice
Mark & Lara: Partners In Justice
Online Co-OpCo-opCo-op CampaignLocal Co-OpInvestigation

Mark & Lara: Partners In Justice

3.235 5 16 Apr, 2021

Call your partner and become the best detective duo in this CO-OP adventure! Gather evidence, question the suspects and point out their contradictions. Cooperation is key as neither of you have the full picture of the case! Play on two devices, local or remotely, all you need is a voice connection.

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981 games found - page / 28

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