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The Lifetime
N/A - -

After falling through a void for an entire lifetime, you land in a mysterious underground world, with a mask you can't remove. All you're told is that you need to collect time so you can return to your former life back up on the surface. But time moves in mysterious ways down here...

Heart Forth, Alicia
N/A - -

A terror in the sky is bent on exterminating a young wizard and her loved ones. Featuring a riveting and sinister story, set out to explore a vast world in this modern Metroidvania RPG, filled with devious monsters, lethal dungeons, creative puzzles, lively towns & many uncharted wonders.

2.5 14 1
17 Aug, 2021

Your Infamous Harp presents OctoQuest, a mash-up of your favorite retro NES games. Play as a highly evolved octopus on an eight-fold quest to retrieve extraterrestrial mushrooms from subterranean caves. Experience a cerebral journey through the ruins of mankind set to a bass-heavy soundtrack.

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Terminus on SteamFar Away From Home on SteamUrbek City Builder on Steam

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Blue Rabbit
0.3 1 1
7 Jun, 2021

You find yourself in a futuristic dystopian city. You get the idea: Dark smog. A rogue A.I. Corporate drones. Actual drones. The whole enchilada. In this fast-paced 2D platformer, you play as Arisu, a Runner tasked to deliver the ambiguous Blue Rabbit "packages" around the city.

N/A - -

《BLOOD ENGINE》是一款Metroidvania类的横板ACT游戏。我们在平台跳跃和动作游戏的基础上尝试融入我们设计的“瞬杀”系统。尝试增幅击败敌人时带给玩家的打击感和爽快感。玩家需要随时面临由怪物,机关组成的各种各样的危机,并灵活做出反应,化解危机,击败敌人。

Aleya's Ascent
N/A - -

Aleya's Ascent is a metroidvania inspired by Celeste and Hollow Knight. Explore a cosmic mountain range and find strange temples, hidden labyrinths, and ancient artifacts while overcoming platforming challenges, punishing fights and chase sequences to return star fragments to the night sky.

Peaky Circus
N/A - -

When The Mime was a kid, his dad and most of his community was killed in a war but luckily his uncle helped him and his mother to escape the town. The mime was hiding in the woods and The Uncle helped them with the food and other essentials, mime is now ready to fight with the murderer of his dad.

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Terminus on SteamUrbek City Builder on SteamFar Away From Home on Steam

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Hand Cannon: Janky Reality
N/A - -
Q1 2022

Take on the role of Jack Jackson, and complete the simulation in this action platformer. Featuring 12 levels, 10 bosses, 9 unique weapons, and a Metroidvania New Game Plus. After you complete the main game, create your own levels, and share them with your friends. Are you up to the challenge?

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665 games found - page / 19

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