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Mystery Of Camp Enigma

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Camp Enigma 2: Point & Click Puzzle Adventure
0.7 2 2
22 Jun, 2021

A thrilling puzzle adventure, inspired by hidden object escape room games. Picking up from the radio tower. You discover a remote signal being transmitted from somewhere on the island. Your objective to investigate, along with your continuing mission to discover the missing army personnel.

VEREDA - Mystery Escape Room Adventure
2.6 19 4
26 Feb, 2022

Vereda is a 3d escape room puzzle adventure. Play as a secret agent assigned a mission to recover a secret dossier set in an unusual town. Explore areas and take in your surroundings. Use all of your puzzle solving skills to make your way through the town and recover the missing dossier.

SOTANO - Mystery Escape Room Adventure
2.3 19 9
4 Dec, 2021

Sotano is a first person 3d escape room puzzle adventure. Explore areas, collect items and take in your surroundings. You will need all of your puzzle solving skills to put together a plan to make your way through the house, solving riddles and through the many rooms to escape the house of Sotano.

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702 games found - page / 20

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