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Tales of Raetrethra - Legends of the Past
Tales of Raetrethra - Legends of the Past
Visual NovelAdventureFantasySci-fiStory Rich

Tales of Raetrethra - Legends of the Past

0.00 0 7 Jan, 2022

‘Tales of Raetrethra - Legends of the Past’ is the story of an amnesiac man who awakens in an unfamiliar world. Follow his adventures in discovering this rich and mysterious new world, the diverse people he meets, his efforts to remember the past, and his struggles to save the future.

Multiple EndingsVisual NovelStory RichChoices MatterIndie


0.00 0 2022年 冬


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The Iron Oath on Steam
Multiple EndingsChoices MatterDramaVisual NovelInteractive Fiction


7.32305 156 13 Oct, 2021


Casina: A Visual Novel set in Ancient Greece
Casina: A Visual Novel set in Ancient Greece
Visual NovelInteractive FictionStory RichComedyFunny

Casina: A Visual Novel set in Ancient Greece

2.313 2 27 May, 2021

Written by the Roman comedian Plautus in 184 BC, Casina was considered one of the most famous and funny comedies in Ancient History. "Casina: the Forgotten Comedy" is a modern adaptation of this ancient work of literature, brought to you as a fully voiced and animated Visual Novel.

Choices MatterMultiple EndingsAdventurePoint & ClickStory Rich


0.00 0 Demo coming soon! Wishlist & Follow!

Embark on an undercover mission in a medieval kingdom hovering on the brink of a civil war. Become part of a vile conspiracy or choose to act against your orders. Stand by your unlikely allies or ruin them for personal gain. The fate of the divided realm rests in your hands.

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Hovercars 3077 on Steam
边缘项目 / Living Island Project
边缘项目 / Living Island Project
AdventureVisual NovelStory RichModernAnime

边缘项目 / Living Island Project

1.65 0 8 Apr, 2022

文字冒险游戏 《边缘项目(Living Island Project)》 即将上线!你将扮演从神秘岛屿归来的9名失踪者之一的艾萨克·里奇(浥尘),协助WPO(世界警察组织)揭露失踪背后真正的阴谋。在这场旅途中,你也试图寻找你丢失的自我;而为了达到这一目的,你又必将失去些什么……

景安区奇案-Jing 'an District Copstories
景安区奇案-Jing 'an District Copstories
Interactive FictionRPGVisual NovelStrategyMystery

景安区奇案-Jing 'an District Copstories

2.420 7 5 Jan, 2021

Jing' an District is a peaceful place, but sometimes some interesting cases will happen. The cases here are not all so bloody. But it also brings us a lot of reflection and insight. You will play a young policeman in Jing 'an District. Go through and solve these cases with your partner.

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1641 games found - page / 46

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