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4 Alice Magical Autistic Girls
2.4 11 0
6 Nov, 2021

A semi-linear visual novel featuring an autistic teenage girl. Written by a Quebecer autistic woman and voiced entirely in French by the very talented Chloé Guerin! "My name is Alice Lorange. Yes, like an orange." As the title suggests, this story contains magical girls.

What Is Love?
N/A - -
Spring 2022

What is Love you may ask... Love is a game. Pretty good one actually, full of pretty girls with dark secrets and everything you ever wanted. Love is in the air and you can breathe deeply. And do other stuff. Deeply. But have in mind that your actions matter so Baby, don't hurt me!

Sword Princess Amaltea - The Visual Novel
0.7 2 1
21 Oct, 2021

Princess Amaltea is sent out on this quest, and rescues Prince Ossian. They are both unwilling to play along in these traditional expectations of them, and after fleeing their own wedding they are now out on the open roads – on to new adventures in this gender flipped world!

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Yonder World: Interview with the Void
0.7 2 0
23 Jun, 2022

A psychological horror story, with a spiking sense of danger and gentle melancholy. An out of this world adventure, revolving around books, memories and mortality. Along the way, perhaps you shall pick up pieces of a long forgotten heart, or some unlikely companions that you never knew you needed.

Band Camp Boyfriend
N/A - -
Spring 2023

Will you lead your marching band to victory as drum major? Explore band camp and attend rehearsal alongside an unforgettable cast of characters, where every choice matters. Find love or face tragedy in 7 routes with 35+ different endings in this colorful, musically-rich otome visual novel.

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Negligee: Opposites Attract
1.1 5 6
16 Jul, 2021

Charlotte, has been dumped by her long term girlfriend Mikka. Fortunately her sexy friend Sophie insists on taking her out to try and cheer her up. But Sophie is quite a wildcat so who knows where such a date could lead in this yuri/lesbian themed visual novel with multiple routes and endings.

The Game of Fourtune
N/A - -
Jan 2023

The Game of Fourtune has begun. Play as Clyde Raveron & Devon Rhodes as they try to survive a magical death game on the whims of a god obsessed with four. Four rounds of play, four deaths per round, one survivor granted one wish. Do you have a will strong enough that not even death will stop you?

Dickie A Cumming: The Prequel (Part I)
0.0 1 0
21 Apr, 2022

Upon leaving the brutally pragmatic military, Dickie finds himself in an unfamiliar era of social justice and culture wars. As he struggles to adjust to this alien world of woke 'snowflakery', Dickie's sex addiction and Old School views constantly get him into hilarious scrapes! Your choices matter!

Bounce Paradise
1.4 4 0
11 Mar, 2022

Choose your own story as you take over a beach resort, of course it's not all fun and games but at least the park is filled with an array of beautiful women to distract you. Your choices will determine the story and whether romance is in the air and how your beach visit will end.

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773 games found - page / 22

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