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FireSquad on Steam
GunSoul Girl 2
N/A - -
2022 Q3-Q4

This is a third-person shooting game.The story takes place in the future world, because of the doomsday worldview caused by the proliferation of artificial intelligence viruses. You will use the gunsoul girls to complete missions and fight against evil organizations, mutant monsters and more.

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Terminus on Steam
异形杀手:初现 Alien Killer: Appearance
N/A - -
1 Jan, 2021

This is a Top Down third person shooting game(TPS) with role playing game(RPG) elements. Two roles: soldier and police. Two dress styles: light or heavy. Two modes: story mode and survival mode. Different Camouflage clothes and talent attributes. So many firearms, UAVs, shoulder guns, and vehicles.

ExZeus: The Complete Collection
0.7 2 1
30 Sep, 2021

Ultra high-tech fighting robots are humanity’s last defense to repel alien forces who will stop at nothing to wipe our civilization from existence! Blast those aliens back to where they came from in these two action-focused high-flying 3D arcade style rail shooters!

N/A - -
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Decimated is a 3rd person multiplayer online survival RPG. Fight against or team up with other players, scavenge loot, transport cargo or VIPs to other locations, collect legal or illegal resources and trade them, hunt legendary creatures, capture territory and build safehouses for their gang.

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561 games found - page / 16

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