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《煦风新笺-Once Upon a Breeze》是一款以毛茸茸世界繁华与传统并盛的岛城『风本市』里,一所颇为特立独行的私立学校『风本学院』为主舞台的兽人题材的视觉小说。同时它又不止于小说,包括个人界面、摸摸乐等更多内置小游戏都在不断更新开发中。作为一款偏向群像的游戏,您将以包括小老虎浦昼在内的众多角色的角度来感受毛茸茸世界的学园生活,以及更多丰富绚烂的故事!已有十五位并仍在不断增加的、诸多种族的学生和教师们正在风本学院校门的另一侧等待着迎接你们!从今天开始入学吧!

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Terminus on Steam
Iku Iku Succubus
1.8 6 0
19 Jul, 2022

Succubi have arrived on Earth, and it's your job to teach them humanity's ways! Your job will be anything but easy as you unravel hidden ambitions, explore human culture, and serve as tour guide for Earth's tasty delicacies. Class is starting in the magical visual novel world of Iku Iku Succubus!

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FireSquad on Steam
3.1 27 3
25 Jan, 2022

漫无目的的都市、永无止境的日常。 这里没有超现实的人和事物,有的只是青春期的少年少女们上演的日常与非日常。 没有一件东西比现实更沉重,也没有一件东西比爱更深奥。 但问题是,你能爱上那个不完美、不梦幻、甚至满身疮痍的对象吗? 你能爱上你自己吗?

Sub for You
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18 Nov, 2022

After an accident, Li Ling suffered from some physical damages. With the advice and help of his senior, Li Ling entered the hidden club of a high-end hotel--Hidden, where a public BDSM performance by ‘Emperor—Zhou Chun’ changed his life. Once reluctant about BDSM, Li Ling found himself struggling between his ego and desires.

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