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Sciophobia: The Fear of Shadows
N/A - -
22 May, 2022

The year is 2014 and you are a reporter with The Maire Weekly News. In search of a new article, you have dug up all you can find, until you stumble across a promising headline from 1962. Will you find the truth about The Greer Property or will you die alone wandering in the forest?

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FireSquad on Steam
The Paribneur Combination
0.7 2 1
24 Dec, 2021

Make your way through the abandoned establishment of Paribneur Co. As you discover the hidden secrets and horrifying creatures of the building. Being forced to find a new way out of the building, you will face hard choices, choose carefully, your choices will affect the rest of the game...

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Terminus on Steam
The Inheritance of Crimson Manor
4.3 118 16
5 May, 2022

Explore a beautiful and Enigmatic Victorian Manor with a dark secret, In this gothic horror story first person exploration puzzle game filled with fine art, secret passages and mysterious mechanical puzzles playing as the executor of the last will from the enigmatic Railroad Magnate Hadley Strange.

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1342 games found - page / 38

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