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Fairymm: the Insomniac Beauty
Fairymm: the Insomniac Beauty
HorrorPsychological HorrorSingleplayerFirst-PersonPoint & Click

Fairymm: the Insomniac Beauty

0.00 0 TBA

Once upon a time a Survival Point & Click, dark fairy tale of the Insomniac Beauty. Paralyzed in bed behind closed door, play as Aurora and endure the horror evolving around you by managing your senses night after night. But be aware, nobody lives happily ever after in the world of FAIRYMM...

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Almost My Floor: Prologue
Almost My Floor: Prologue
HorrorAdventureStory RichPoint & ClickPsychological Horror

Almost My Floor: Prologue

4.298 11 5 Oct, 2020

A Prologue to Almost My Floor, an upcoming horror-themed point'n'click adventure. Alex is a real fan of creepy stuff and horror movies, but he never expected to experience it himself just by taking the elevator back home! Can he avoid the madness and deal with the evil he's up against?

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Re:Turn - One Way Trip
Re:Turn - One Way Trip
Female ProtagonistHorrorRPGAdventurePsychological Horror

Re:Turn - One Way Trip

3.256 20 14 Oct, 2020

Re:Turn - One Way Trip is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle-adventure horror game. Trapped in a ghostly train, Saki must search the past and present to find and save her friends. More importantly, Saki must use her wits if she is to survive against an unspeakable evil hellbent on avenging unrequited love.

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1234 games found - page / 35

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