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Space Chef
N/A - -
2023, wishlist now!

Hunt down strange alien creatures and plants, then cook 'em! Deliver your tasty creations to the galaxy's most unsafe places on your homemade star scooter. In a quirky mix of exploration, cooking and action, you’ll expand your home from a measly kitchen to a five star food factory using mostly junk.

The Lightnwatchers 1:海城(The Sea City)
N/A - -

The Lightnwatchers is a 2.5D shooter and fighting game. In the future, humans open the portal connecting the other world. The Lightn, an organization that guards human cities, welcomes a new agent "J". He will guard the city while facing the threat from the other world with his friends.

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FireSquad on Steam
4.1 126 30
17 Sep, 2009

3 Unlikely Heroes, 1 Ultimate Goal Kurt Hectic is back to save the universe. This time he is teamed with the genius Dr. Hawkins and the 6-legged gun-toting robotic dog, Max. Together they must out-sneak, out-blast and out-think their enemies as they attempt to reclaim earth from a vile alien menace.

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Terminus on Steam
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1089 games found - page / 31

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