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Almost My Floor: Prologue
4.3 101 11
5 Oct, 2020

A Prologue to Almost My Floor, an upcoming horror-themed point'n'click adventure. Alex is a real fan of creepy stuff and horror movies, but he never expected to experience it himself just by taking the elevator back home! Can he avoid the madness and deal with the evil he's up against?

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FireSquad on Steam
Close Your Eyes -Anniversary Remake-
2.8 20 2
21 Dec, 2018

An anthology of 7 horror tales within a connected universe. Join a murderous marshmallow bound by their past down an atmospheric descent, brought into question by an odd game show host. Follow a Witch trying to seduce her love with sweet things. Plus 5 other surprisingly twisted yet emotional tales.

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FireSquad on Steam
The Season of the Warlock
N/A - -
When the warlock wakes up from slumber

The Season of the Warlock is a weird adventure game inspired by the gothic tale tradition, with two storylines to choose from. The soul of a warlock of yore, trapped in a portrait, will present Lord Alistair Ainsworth with an offer he will not be able to resist. Or will he? It’s your call...

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1094 games found - page / 31

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