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The Tales of Bayun

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Late 2022

Years after leaving her family to join the Sisters of the Whiterock Coven, Edith is anxious to finally return home. But first she has to pass her Trial of Ascension, a harrowing task bestowed by her patron deity. Together, Edith and her bully must complete the trial, no matter the consequences.

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Terminus on Steam
Do 11
2.3 16 5
9 Aug, 2021

Find a way out of the Do 11 app by doing missions that come from the mysterious Do 11 app. A choice awaits you to solve puzzles and change the fate of the protagonist. Escape the main character from the Do 11 app while savoring a profound worldview and intriguing story. An incredible twist awaits.

The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante — Chapter 1&2
7.3 1918 63
1 Dec, 2020

A narrative-driven hardcore RPG set in a gritty world where the gods are real. Set out on a challenging lifetime journey, where every choice you make has a price to pay and consequence to it. Will you become an inquisitor, a judge, or conspire against the old order? Dare to decide!

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The Iron Oath on Steam
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908 games found - page / 26

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