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Terminus on Steam
Eldritch Lands: The Witch Queen's Eternal War
3.0 21 1
23 Dec, 2021

Dive into a dark fantasy world and fight against the endless undead horde. Unlock, upgrade and deploy units in a simple to understand yet engaging strategy gameplay loop. Grow plants that grant exp bonuses and converse with each unit to learn more about their character and backstory.

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Terminus on Steam
Solace State: Emotional Cyberpunk Stories
N/A - -
Mobilizing in 2022

Solace State is a 3D cyberpunk visual novel about a young hacker, Chloe, who comes to her political awakening as she empowers her friends in a militarized biotech society. Your choices in conversations, the kindling of relationships, and amid escalating tensions lead to multiple endings.

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982 games found - page / 28

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