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Dark Invasion VR: Doomsday
N/A - -
1 Nov, 2024

A scary brutal horror VR shooter adventure with quests, zombies, mutants and guns! At the start of the apocalypse you are inside of an old bunker. You need to fight your way with full force through the rows of the undead army of the dark invasion to find a way out of that forsaken place. Free demo.

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Urbek City Builder on SteamTerminus on SteamFar Away From Home on Steam

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The Events at Unity Farm
N/A - -
Closed Beta Releasing Oct 25, 2022. Wishlist and request access now!

Horror, fantasy and a dash of steampunk, EVENTS AT UNITY FARM is a fresh take on Open World VR. Use your ancestral power to cast spells, overcome undead evils and merciless bosses. Gather and craft potions, search for clues to solve puzzles all to stop the impending Multipocalypse.

Cosmic Awakening VR
1.2 6 6
25 Aug, 2017

Cosmic Awakening VR is a first person VR survival exploration horror game. A game about immersion, exploration, and terror. It is a collection of horror scenarios set on a sci-fi stage. Explore the mysteries in a short linear experience, or try to survive as long as you can against unknown horrors.

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Far Away From Home on SteamUrbek City Builder on SteamTerminus on Steam

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INEXAR Unusual Star
N/A - -
Coming when its ready

Survival horror story about how the INEXAR spacecraft arrived at the Unusual Star space station. INEXAR Captain Viktor Hill is an explorer, he is not a soldier, but he will not only have to face evil, but also a sense of fear and loneliness. But perhaps someone else is behind this evil...

Undead Blackout: Reanimated Edition
0.4 1 2
3 Feb, 2017

If classic top-down shooter Loaded was merged in a lab with Resident Evil you might get something like Undead Blackout: Reanimated Edition. Reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up with the latest version of Unreal Engine 4, this is a frantic, unrelenting and supremely challenging shooter.

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532 games found - page / 15

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