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Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

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Terminus on Steam
Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace
N/A - -
December 2022

A story-rich action rpg that pays hommage to 90's gaming with it's retro 2.5D pixel art look. Join Livia, a gusty but ambitious young Warrior, in a tale that explores the meaning of family, loyalty, ambition and war. After a fateful encounter, everything Livia believes in will be put to the test.

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FireSquad on Steam
KOTOMASHO: I Can't Believe This NEET Guy Turned Into a Magical Girl!
N/A - -

A Gameboy Color and Anime inspired adventure game with RPG elements. Find magic powers on the go and obtain special ones to defeat your enemies and clear puzzle-filled dungeons in a semi-open world of dreams and nightmares. The Story of a NEET guy who suddenly acquired magical girl powers.

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1253 games found - page / 35

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