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5.2 222 13
2 May, 2017

Conductor is a action-adventure, puzzle game. Take control of a locomotive and clear anything that stands in your way. Solve puzzles by using tools and wit. Defend yourself from the forces of Overcorp.

The top results based on the latest update are Lemuria: Lost in Space [Score: 5.5], Interkosmos [Score: 5.5] and Robinson: The Journey [Score: 5.5]. The top rated games you can find here are Red Matter [SteamPeek Rating: 5.9] ranked #9, Eye of the Temple [SteamPeek Rating: 5.3] ranked #5 and Time Lock VR 1 [SteamPeek Rating: 5.0] ranked #6. Also don't forget to check the newest releases Afterlife VR [Release date: 2022-09-15] ranked #34, The Deed of Deception [Release date: 2022-02-18] ranked #33 and Shonen Adventure : The Dual Blades Hero [Release date: 2021-12-23] ranked #36. While it is tempting to play with the newest and the best, there might be some other gems in the results, like Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency [SteamPeek Rating: 4.8] ranked #14,.

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Robinson: The Journey
3.3 221 181
9 Feb, 2017

When the Esmeralda crashes on Tyson III, Robin is left stranded. He must rely on his wits – and HIGS, an AI unit from the ship – to survive. As he searches for the lost crew and comes face-to-face with dinosaurs, Robin discovers that Tyson III is not the paradise once promised.

Witching Tower
3.6 82 25
25 Oct, 2018

The Witching Tower is a VR Action Adventure title set in a dark fantasy world. Fight and puzzle your way through a foreboding fortress tower, unraveling each level’s mysteries. An unparalleled experience with breathtaking visuals and environments.

Red Matter
5.9 599 55
10 Nov, 2018

Red Matter is a story-driven VR puzzle adventure game set during a dystopian sci-fi Cold War. Take on the role of Agent Epsilon, an astronaut of the Atlantic Union dispatched to an abandoned Volgravian moon base on a faraway planet. Your mission: to investigate a shady top secret research project.

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Terminus on SteamFrail Hearts: Versicorae Domlion on SteamMasterplan Tycoon on Steam

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3.1 51 20
23 Sep, 2021

IONIA is an hour-long single-player interactive story for all ages. Get up close with music-inspired creatures in a lush forest teeming with life. Every purchase benefits real-world wildlife, with 5% of proceeds going directly to the Steve Irwin Foundation, Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.

2.6 20 4
7 Oct, 2020

Rinlo​ is an immersive third person puzzle adventure game designed for VR. Follow Agatha in her epic quest. Guide her through dioramas of this steam-powered city, and unlock the truth hiding behind its familiar, winding streets.

0.3 1 3
10 Nov, 2021

Gravitational is a VR experience that takes place in an upward future, where gravitational technology is being discovered. Experience Sebastian, a scientist in the apex of collapse inside Gravicorp’s facilities, overcoming not only challenges on your way but also your traumas.

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Terminus on SteamMasterplan Tycoon on SteamFrail Hearts: Versicorae Domlion on Steam

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Afterlife VR
3.7 72 14
15 Sep, 2022

Afterlife VR is a deeply immersive horror game. As Adam Bernhard, a young rookie police officer on a night patrol, you receive a call that will change your life forever. Uncover secrets hidden deep within the Black Rose mental hospital walls, where most of the patients pose a great danger.

Into The Darkness VR
N/A - -
Coming 2022

Into The Darkness is a VR action-adventure game built on physics mechanics. Near future. Humanity is trying to achieve immortality by transferring consciousness to machines. Navigate through environments, solve the puzzle, engage enemy... to find out the dark secret behind the experiments.

783 games found
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