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2.2 13 4
23 Aug, 2021

Tell the story of a truck driver in the context of modern society. After he accidentally hit a girl in his van. A mysterious monster hunted him. Save the girl. Find help. These experiences are not only experiencing the calamity of reality, but also exploring the truth in his heart.

DreadOut 2
5.4 964 321
21 Feb, 2020

A third-person horror adventure that draws inspiration from Indonesian urban legend. Play as Linda, a high school student with the ability to sense and see ghosts. This spine-chilling sequel expands on the cult hit original, making DreadOut 2 another terrifying addition to the horror genre.

Fear Protocol: Codename Omega Starring Agent Jack Banger
2.4 24 11
10 Nov, 2020

It's a nice dark day in Escondido, California and special agent Jack Banger and his superior Gilbert Simpson are planning their next operation. Their life of luxury is soon interrupted however when strange biomonster creatures start appearing all over the city...

Evil Tonight
4.7 179 22
14 Oct, 2021

Silvia isn't afraid of evil. Evil is her job. As a modern exorcist, Silvia has overcome countless horrors with her ability to materialize the evil of haunted places... But tonight... things don't go as planned... Fight, survive, explore, solve puzzles and uncover the mystery of... Evil Tonight!

Surreal Experience
0.7 2 0
2 Aug, 2022

Surreal Experience is a job simulator blending elements of horror, dark humor, absurdity, and insane difficulty. What may seem like an easy gig holds more secrets and challenges than what initially meets the eye. Can you finish the job and escape with your life?

The Last Hope
2.3 83 110
29 Aug, 2016

You made the biggest mistake in human history.Now you are the last hope of the world.Explore U.K,Russia,Germany,Norway,Egypt,U.S.A,Mars,Moon Search fish,fruits,beer,meat if you want to stay alive.Travel through differents Eras of time,face differents kinds of creatures and return mankind back.

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Terminus on SteamFar Away From Home on SteamUrbek City Builder on Steam

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Swallow The Blue: Remastered
2.8 44 21
18 Jan, 2021

An eerie horror game set in a weird hotel plagued with bizarre beings and interesting characters. The game utilizes a never-used before environment alongside brand new horror mechanics, one of a kind graphics/art style, and an unnerving story with rich lore to create a unique experience for players.

Midnight Submersion Nightmare Horror Story Prologue
2.1 18 11
27 Dec, 2021

Nightmare Horror Story an adventure game from the first face in a horror genre provides you to take a trip in a huge and dark city full of dummies. You would have a possibility to figure out in a weird atmosphere when alive people are missed and everything that had remained is the dummies.

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Far Away From Home on SteamUrbek City Builder on SteamTerminus on Steam

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Evil Ritual - Horror Escape
0.5 2 7
3 Oct, 2020

You woke up in a cold and scary dungeon, and you don't know how you got there. After examining the situation and finding an old lamp, you try to get out, but you meet on your way: screamers, notes and various objects. Later, you realize that you have become part of an evil ritual!

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972 games found - page / 27

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