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4.6 240 55
24 Oct, 2014

Bring civilization to Sproggiwood, a story-driven, turn-based roguelike set in a humorous world inspired by Finnish mythology. Grow your civilization and plunder procedural dungeons with six unique classes. Outsmart mischievous monsters who work together in unexpected ways. No two dungeon dives are alike.

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Crypto Is Dead
0.9 4 6
23 Jul, 2021

"Crypto is Dead." That's the first thing you read in the paper this morning. A goldfinger attack has crippled the world economy. For a month, the old physical currency will be put back in place. As a notaphilist, open your bank and use your expertise to determine the genuine from the fake bills.

MAZE: A VR Adventure
1.3 4 1
16 Apr, 2021

"MAZE: A VR Adventure" is a roguelite horror game. Lose yourself into the darkness of a procedurally generated maze. Rely on your sense of direction and your magical skills to get out alive. Two types of locomotion systems available to meet the player's needs. HTC Vive or Oculus Rift are required.

N/A - -
Early Access 2022

Chrysalis is a rogue-like tower-defense game set in a world of natural mythology. Explore randomized levels, collect resources, inhabit and control friendly animals, discover unique procedurally generated creatures, grow deadly gardens, and defeat waves of monsters as you defend your Chrysalis

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Rotate To Find The Difference
0.7 2 2
29 Apr, 2022

Have you ever seen "Find the difference" that does not split the screen and needs to be rotated to play? That's it for this game. It tests your memory and may also help you exercise it. The game has 10 themed worlds, and different objects are generated programmatically, so you can play forever.

Sich Tactics
N/A - -

Sich Tactics is a small turn-based tactics set in Ukrainian mythology world. Take control over a party of Cossacks of different classes in procedurally generated battles, fight with chorts, muscovites and other unholy spirits, complete scenarios or compete with other players in special mode.

N/A - -
Early 2023

Embark into a procedurally generated world with limited ressources. Try to make it as far as possible before you run out of food. On your journey to discover all five relics scattered in the world, you will strive through different biomes, collect food, uncover items, construct buildings and more!

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1935 games found - page / 54

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