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Wait! Life is Beautiful! Prologue

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The Iron Oath on Steam
Westmark Legacy
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When it's done

Survive to investigate another day in this turn-based horror adventure puzzle game. Play as Herbert Westmark, paranormal investigator and curator of odd trinkets. Collect items and grow your deck. Find out together with a parasite demon Ambrose why people here are missing in the town of Burrmouth.

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Terminus on Steam
Hello Puppets: Midnight Show
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“Hello Puppets: Midnight Show” is a stealth horror adventure set in the 1980s on the set of a children’s TV show. You are a master puppet maker whose prized creations--the Handeemen--have come to life and are hunting you. Play hide and seek against advanced AI that forces you to adapt and improvise.

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1133 games found - page / 32

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