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2.3 13 3
5 Jun, 2021

BzzzController is a simple program that allows you to turn on vibration on your gamepad and keeps it on even when you minimize the window, in case you need your gamepad to vibrate for whatever reason. BzzzController was tested with an Xbox One controller and can control up to 4 gamepads.

Blown Away
2.6 21 5
24 Jan, 2022

Blown Away is a puzzle platformer that lets you explore the world of Yhorba. Let Mylo take you on an adventure and help him solve puzzles and save the island. In these puzzles you need to find certain parts that will help Mylo and the island of Yhorba to restore peace. Are you in for a new journey?

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Terminus on SteamFar Away From Home on SteamUrbek City Builder on Steam

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N/A - -
13 Aug, 2021

A two-player co-op puzzle platformer. Use colored energy Waves to activate the corresponding Tiles in order to create paths that lead to the end of each level. You are challenged to communicate constantly and advance together while facing danger and hidden traps with the help of magical abilities!

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Far Away From Home on SteamTerminus on SteamUrbek City Builder on Steam

Contact: [email protected]

Veil of Maia
N/A - -

Help Otu, a humble warrior monk, save a world consumed by fear in this heart-wrenching Metroidvania. Slash, cast, and use telekinesis to defeat disillusioned enemies and conquer epic boss battles! Transcend through dozens of hand-crafted trials to overcome fear itself and lift the Veil of Maia.

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2547 games found - page / 71

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