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Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope
1.7 14 13
15 Apr, 2022

Survive the zombie apocalypse by yourself or with your friends in this low poly post apocalyptic world. Survive, build your base and fight the zombies. But beware, you aren't the only one trying to survive. There are other survivors in proceduraly generated bases that will shoot you on sight!

Queen of Zarkov
0.4 1 2
4 Oct, 2021

'Queen of Zarkov' is an 'indie-3rd-person-shooter' that combines elements of 'Escape from Tarkov' with zombies. Embark on missions and loot everything you can, while surviving against different types of zombies and other deadly threats. All your Equipment will be lost if you die, so try to survive!

Death Drive: A Deck-Building Open World Survival RPG
N/A - -
TBA - Wishlist Now!

Death Drive is a deck-building open world survival RPG card-battler set after a zombie apocalypse. As one of many survivors in a world where humanity only begins to rebuild, set out across the desolation, discover the truth about the outbreak, and rebuild human civilization - or die trying.

Home Safe and Silent
N/A - -
Coming Soon

Home Safe and Silent is a survival game with rogue-lite and tabletop board game elements. Scavenge randomly generated locations to help your colony survive. Rotate different game boards to try and gather all of the necessary supplies while using the equipment you find to fight off the dead.

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Zombie Shooter
5.3 446 83
27 May, 2009

Where is the line between life and death? How far can human science go trying to understand this? Take part in the great battle to rescue humanity and find out what's happening! The human race is in danger again. This time scientists could not cope the imminent threat and became monsters themselves.

Dark Forest Project
N/A - -
29 Jul, 2021

You are a military man who was sent on an assignment to investigate in a dark forest due to the frequent disappearance of people. After spending a little time, you realize that ancient prisoners are being revived in this forest, and the longer you are in it, the more and more of them.

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3.8 193 91
2 Feb, 2022

Afterinfection is a brand new zombie survival game designed in Unreal 4 and being developed by a small team from Thailand. After creating your survivor, you’ll start with nothing and have to make your way across a large island searching for food, water, weapons, and crafting supplies.

0.4 6 59
20 Jan, 2021

LURE: FREE is an open-world multiplayer survival game with a zombie theme. You can improve your character in 3 different ways, can build a base, drive a car, capture loot zones for your clan, can hunt animals, can loot towns, and of course kill the zombies and the players.

Blood And Zombies
3.8 128 46
26 Jul, 2022

Blood, guts, meat. Humanity's waging total war against a horrific zombie apocalypse. Lead one of four of humanity's deadliest survivors against the horde in this first person, wave defense shooter. Load up your guns, set up turrets, sharpen your skills, and maybe you'll make it through the night.

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297 games found - page / 9

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