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3.3 46 10
27 Nov, 2020

Welcome to the Great Library of Dreams, where chaos has just been unleashed! Play as The Agent in this fantasy 3D Metroidvania filled to the brim with surprising secrets, daring traversal, confounding puzzles and menacing monkeys. Rid the library of the creatures wreaking havoc and bring back order!

Raccoo Venture
3.6 46 4
11 Dec, 2019

A spiritual successor to the collectathon 3D platform genre. Explore to find all hidden collectibles, solving secrets, puzzles and find new outfits to customize the cute hero. Special abilities will blow your mind controlling chaos and order. Recover the pieces to defeat the terrible Tattooed Tatus.

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Terminus on Steam
RoBo: The Allectric Idventurer
N/A - -

In a world where humans’ souls were transferred into toys, plug into RoBo and join Robin, a creative Dyslexic kid, on an electric adventure through her memories & the Solar City. Head into an action-puzzle platformer, where you will be tackled by crazy challenges & overcome the SteamPunk Gang.

Peblito: Rock and Roll
3.4 54 14
9 Aug, 2021

Peblito: Rock and Roll is a 3D platformer where you play as Peblito, a small yet determined pebble, on his journey through a mystical volcano. Dash, swing, and roll your way through a variety of obstacles in this lighthearted platforming adventure inspired by 90's platforming collect-a-thons!

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FireSquad on Steam
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792 games found - page / 22

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