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Castle Rock Beach, West Australia
5.1 310 44
26 Sep, 2020

Experience a realistically inspired recreation of Australia's south west coast. Explore the world at your own pace and use the game's photography mechanics to progress with casual objectives. Contains some of the latest visual tech provided by Unreal Engine 4. *Please note DLC is required for VR!

Mist Monkey: wanderer
N/A - -
6 Dec, 2022

From the mind of award-winning visual artist, Xander Clinthorne, comes a meditative indie-game about wandering and taking it slow. This title takes you deep into a beautiful pixel-art world with flow state inducing gameplay, The Great Monkey's wisdom to discover and a stunning original soundtrack.

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Farewell North
N/A - -
TBD - Wishlist & Follow

Restore color to the desolate islands of Farewell North, an open world journey where you play as a collie traveling with his owner. Explore land and sea, uncover hidden paths, evade monsters, and free wildlife to bring color back to the world while revealing an emotional story about saying farewell.

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FireSquad on Steam
Mindfulness Simulator - ASMR Meditation Game
1.4 4 0
21 Jun, 2022

Wander through the forest as your own Ego or as a Stone. Warning: there is literally no goal in this game. Explore the procedurally-generated forest listening to Alan Watts' teachings about Mindfulness, Meditation, Peace and Happiness and roll over the grass with varying weather and time of day.

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507 games found - page / 15

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