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3.0 23 1
24 Jun, 2021

Fate of Windshift is a Turn-Based J-RPG where you Play as Onikirimaru, the matoi Style swordsman. Go on a quest to save the Country of Wind from the dark forces that threatens the peace of the kingdom, Make friends and fight alongside them, Enjoy over 100 abilities to defeat your foes.

5.8 405 17
17 Aug, 2022

── In the summer of the world that has ended, the girl travels aimlessly. "natsuno-kanata - beyond the summer" is a text adventure game that depicts girls traveling in apocalypse. Through talking to the girls, we get to know them and approach the mysteries of the world ──

秋恋物语 Autumn Romance
3.6 39 1
4 Feb, 2022


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6.2 685 47
10 Aug, 2022

Key 麻枝 准が描く、最後の希望を託された少女たちの物語『ヘブンバーンズレッド (ヘブバン)』 フィールドを駆け回り、かけがえのない日常を体験しながら、命を賭した戦いに挑むドラマチックRPG!

N/A - -


Mary Skelter: Nightmares
5.3 378 53
19 Jul, 2018

The "Jail" suddenly appeared a number of years ago, sinking the city deep into the ground. There, this impenetrable living prison 666 metres beneath the surface, held power over eerie creatures called "Marchens." Within the prison was a boy named Jack - living a life of suffering...

N/A - -

Affogato combines RPG and 'reversed tower defense' elements. You'll play as the titular Affogato, a sorceress managing a cafe in a new town. Meet all kinds of customers, hear their stories—and travel into their minds to defeat their inner demons. Experience a city life both everyday, and magical.

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Urbek City Builder on SteamFar Away From Home on SteamTerminus on Steam

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Lamia Must Die
3.2 115 76
26 Aug, 2015

A horrible monster has been terrorizing the local town for years, doing terrible, unspeakable things to the citizen. One day, a paladin leads several other heroes towards the cave where the monster lies in, them being the final hope for the town of Clearmill and to save it from total devastation.

4.2 81 4
Jul 14, 2022

有些人死了,但没完全死,知道了结局但却未发现真相。 一个人也能玩的海龟汤推理故事。 海龟汤故事通常包含一个极不合理的结果,但不知道其中的过程,您可以自行猜测发生了什么,并提出问题,主持人只会用【是】【否】【无关】来回答你——本该如此,不过她似乎会破例给你些提示,但显然你很高冷,并不为之所动。

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874 games found - page / 25

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