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3.3 84 37
8 Dec, 2014

Deadnaut is Screwfly Studios' second game and follow up to cult hit, Zafehouse: Diaries. Deadnauts, so named because they’re unlikely to return, must explore, investigate and fight their way through the derelict ships of dead civilisations. Every mission is unique and no two locations are the same.

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Terminus on Steam
N/A - -
TBA - Add to Wishlist - discount at launch!

Welcome to NecroCity, a place that does NOT bustle with life. Take on the role of the governor of this dark city - manage your resources and develop your NecroCity. NecroCity is a city-building economic strategy game, with a defense and combat system. The world of the dead is just in front of you!

Telos Pragmaton
N/A - -
Jul 2022

Trapped in a small house with a deadly monster, use your wits and a mysterious device to survive in this fixed perspective survival horror. Keep the junctions charged so that you don't suffocate, but tread carefully as the monster will lurk in the shadows to hunt you, becoming ever more aggressive.

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The Iron Oath on Steam
Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition
5.3 862 294
25 Feb, 2020

Hyperjump into the dark recesses of space with Genesis Alpha One - a roguelike FPS where you must build, maintain and navigate your ship through a galaxy filled with hostile alien and human threats. Explore, create and survive the militarized space race in order to secure humanity’s future.

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779 games found - page / 22

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