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desTRUCKtors: Warfare Showdown

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desTRUCKtors: Warfare Showdown

desTRUCKtors: Warfare Showdown

1.4 8 7
16 Mar, 2018

In the future, entertainment industry really has changed. Mad car crashing competitions are the most spectacular sight for the crowd. Here the most notorious mercenaries control armored cars and destroy their rivals by crashing into them and damaging them by other possible means.

The top results based on the latest update are Robot Fighting [Score: 22.1], BATTALION: Legacy [Score: 20.6] and Zaacar [Score: 20.4]. The top rated games you can find here are Mortal Kombat 11 [SteamPeek Rating: 9.5] ranked #12, Mortal Kombat X [SteamPeek Rating: 8.9] ranked #5 and BATTALION: Legacy [SteamPeek Rating: 5.8] ranked #2. Also don't forget to check the newest releases Kingshunt [Release date: 2022-11-03] ranked #26, Project:Special Forces [Release date: 2022-09-11] ranked #13 and Running Challenge [Release date: 2021-12-22] ranked #28. While it is tempting to play with the newest and the best, there might be some other gems in the results, like Mortal Kombat 11 [SteamPeek Rating: 9.5] ranked #12,.

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5.8 9905 6692
23 May, 2019

BATTALION: Legacy recaptures the core of classic shooters in the final iteration of Battalion 1944. Return to the simple days of playing first person shooters with your friends. Grab your bolt action rifle in 'rifles only' mode or compete in 5v5 Search and Destroy.

1.0 4 5
22 May, 2021

Destruction and chaos on a whole new level is guaranteed when you enter the Zaacar : Ultimate Race of the century. Custom build the most deadly combat car ever devised and battle up 50 other players in a massive race where the winner takes it all. Are you ready to face the Zaacar?

Check out these great games:

Frail Hearts: Versicorae Domlion on SteamMasterplan Tycoon on SteamTerminus on Steam

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Check out these great games:

Masterplan Tycoon on SteamTerminus on SteamFrail Hearts: Versicorae Domlion on Steam

If you'd like to promote your game here just send a letter to [email protected]

Twin Jet Racer
N/A - -

Two jets. Two triggers. That’s all you need to swerve, drift, corkscrew, loop or even fly to reach the next checkpoint and top the leaderboard. Master the controls and the physics to progress to the next class of racer and unlock greater challenges. Compete against friends or against the clock.

2.6 31 15
12 Aug, 2021

FORECLOSED is a narrative-driven action-adventure set in a Cyberpunk world filled with action, suspense, and experimental augmentations. Follow the story of Evan Kapnos in this sleek comic book styled game as he unravels the conspiracy behind his identity foreclosure. Who is responsible and why?

560 games found
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