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FireSquad on Steam

Promotion supporting the site:

FireSquad on Steam
Paradox of Hope
N/A - -
TBA: free demo available now

Paradox of Hope is an immersive single-player VR shooter with survival and horror elements. Explore mysterious metro mazes of post-apocalyptic Moscow, use stealth or combat approach to achieve your goal, upgrade your equipment and arsenal, and enjoy the atmospheric moments of stalker’s life.

The Backrooms VR
N/A - -
Coming Soon

Live the true Backrooms VR Experience in a psychological horror game, where you'll be alone in a liminal world full of entities that will hunt you at every moment, Scary, dark this immersive VR experience allows you to use your hands to grab and use items to solve puzzles inside this liminal world.

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1280 games found - page / 36

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