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7WORLDS: The Dreaming Dale

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7WORLDS: The Dreaming Dale

7WORLDS: The Dreaming Dale

0.0 1 0
2 Feb, 2020

This game is a 2D Pixel Adventure Platformer where you need some running and jumping skills too get through an amazing story shown nicely in a form of comic book pages! Don't hesitate to long! The Dreaming Dale is in danger and only Ronnie led by your decisions can save his beloved village!

The top results based on the latest update are Heavy Weapon Deluxe [Score: 0.6], Bullet Candy [Score: 0.6] and Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved [Score: 0.6]. The top rated games you can find here are Nuclear Throne [SteamPeek Rating: 9.1] ranked #31, Realm of the Mad God Exalt [SteamPeek Rating: 8.9] ranked #15 and Beat Hazard [SteamPeek Rating: 8.1] ranked #8. Also don't forget to check the newest releases Waves 2: Notorious [Release date: 2015-12-16] ranked #27, Nuclear Throne [Release date: 2015-12-05] ranked #31 and A Fistful of Gun [Release date: 2015-09-23] ranked #29. While it is tempting to play with the newest and the best, there might be some other gems in the results, like Jamestown [SteamPeek Rating: 6.1] ranked #13, Waves [SteamPeek Rating: 6.8] ranked #14 and Realm of the Mad God Exalt [SteamPeek Rating: 8.9] ranked #15.

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Heavy Weapon Deluxe
4.4 182 42
30 Aug, 2006

It's shoot-'em-up arcade action at its best! Use an incredible assortment of heavy artillery to blast away enemy tanks and planes, and fight your way to victory. What are you waiting for? Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get into the action!

Bullet Candy
2.0 31 33
14 Feb, 2007

Bullet Candy is a fast paced, action packed arena shooter. There are a variety of combo systems and many secret techniques that you can employ to get the best score and weapon upgrades possible. Viewed from a top-down perspective, Bullet Candy allows for a true 360° shoot-em-up experience.

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6.1 582 33
8 Jun, 2011

Jamestown: Legend Of The Lost Colony is a neo-classical top-down shooter for up to 4 players, set on 17th-century British Colonial Mars. It features all the intensity, depth, and lovingly handcrafted pixels of a classic arcade shooter, with a modern twist: deeply-integrated cooperative gameplay.

3.6 66 14
8 Feb, 2012

Scoregasm is an incredible, variety rich shooter with a non-linear, branching paths style galaxy to explore. It's pretty, accessible, fun and really rather good! Blast your way through the galaxy's many varied levels and use your skills to change your route, find new levels, new enemies, unlock bonus challenge stages and fight the bosses...

4.6 139 14
16 Dec, 2011

The year is 2051. Location: SATAZIUS, a long-abandoned planet. The cruiser Agano was on patrol when it was attacked and stricken by a confederacy of space pirates that had established a base on SATAZIUS. The pirates attacked the Agano intending to steal the assault ship ‘Trafalgar’ that was stowed aboard the Agano, but the Trafalgar made...

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A Fistful of Gun
2.7 67 51
23 Sep, 2015

Select one of eleven unique playable gunslingers and seek revenge solo or with your friends in Online or Local Co-Op! Master the specialized controls of each character, collect gold from fallen foes to purchase upgrades, get totally drunk and unleash a tornado of lead across the dusty plains.

7.4 2846 237
18 Mar, 2014

The skies will be set aflame and the seas will overflow with wreckage in Vlambeer’s stylish arcade shooter LUFTRAUSERS! Select from over 125 combinations of weapons, bodies, and propulsion systems and take to the skies to battle enemy fighter planes, battleships, submarines, and rival aces for glory, honor, and high scores.

Nuclear Throne
9.1 11512 355
5 Dec, 2015

Nuclear Throne is a post-apocalyptic roguelike-like top-down shooter. Not 'the final hope of humanity' post-apocalyptic, but 'humanity is extinct and mutants and monsters now roam the world' post-apocalyptic. Fight your way through the wastelands with powerful weaponry, collecting radiation to mutate some new limbs and abilities.

5.9 598 58
11 Oct, 2013

Soundodger+ combines the twitchiness of bullet hell shooters with the sonic thrills of rhythm games to create a wholly unique experience. Studio Bean has updated the original Adult Swim Games title with all-new tracks, controller support, and a fully-featured level editor. Plus, auto-generate stages from your own music library!Update!

Syder Arcade
5.3 372 56
24 Oct, 2013

Killing zombies never gets old, but sometimes you just need a break. Get back to some serious old-school gaming with Syder Arcade! Syder Arcade is a love letter to Amiga games of the ‘90s, no coins, no upgrade grinding, just your tenacity and a motherload of alien invaders.

2351 games found
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