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A Crooked Heart
1.4 4 0
8 Jan, 2021

A Crooked Heart is a traditionally animated, puzzle, adventure game. Lulu and Orion, are two brave Corgis fighting to protect the Arothians from the evil Ravan. After Orion is captured, Lulu sets out on a mission to save her love, free the Arothians, and destroy the menacing Ravan, once and for all

最末行程:胜利路19号 Last Journey: 19 Shengli Road
2.1 12 4
23 Aug, 2021

Tell the story of a truck driver in the context of modern society. After he accidentally hit a girl in his van. A mysterious monster hunted him. Save the girl. Find help. These experiences are not only experiencing the calamity of reality, but also exploring the truth in his heart.

Resurrection of mind
N/A - -
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Metroidvania with an intriguing narrative about three heroes. Each hero has a unique combat system. Exciting adventures are waiting for you. The story involves a confrontation between the firstborn and humans. The appearance of a strange crystal further twists the intrigue around the events.

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1157 games found - page / 33

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