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告死天使的审判-Death Angel Trial
3.2 38 8
2 Aug, 2020

This is a game about online violence, all of which are based on the personal experience of the producer and shared with netizens. As far as possible to reduce the reality of one after another bloody cruel phenomenon. Today's victims may only be a little-known person, and the next It could be you.

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Terminus on Steam
Rusted Moss
N/A - -
Early 2023

Brave your way through a beautiful but hostile landscape overtaken by rusting machine monstrosities. With a grappling hook, traverse devious terrain while blasting away at vicious enemies. Uncover the mystery to mankind’s fall. Dark folktales emerge as forgotten Fae come knocking on humanity’s door…

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FireSquad on Steam
Sense - 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story
5.2 355 56
25 Aug, 2020

A 2.5D horror game inspired by Clock Tower and Fatal Frame, mixing cyberpunk with traditional Cantonese folklore. With careful attention to pacing, atmosphere and storytelling, Sense hopes to return the horror genre to its roots by celebrating visceral horror and the slow, fearful creep of dread.

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749 games found - page / 21

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