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535 games found - page / 15 Racing For Souls
N/A - -
TBA - WISHLIST NOW! is an crossing RPG action & racing story set in dark world sci-fi. Machines took over the people. You have managed to break free and you are the last hope. Feel the fascinating driving experience in a cybernetic physically functioning world.

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SWARMED: Nuts & Bolts
N/A - -
31 Oct, 2022

In deep space, your robot transport vehicle crash-landed on a barren asteroid. The robots have escaped and are hungry for both revenge and crunchy humans. You are their only hope. Battle your way through multiple waves of rouge robots to avoid being SWARMED in this retro, heart pounding game.

The ordinary case of Margaret Luoni
N/A - -
Jun 2023

The ordinary case of Margaret Luoni is a sci-fi detective game with a deep story. Help Detective Dirk understand what happened, explore a new futuristic world. There are no obvious solutions here, find your own approach to witnesses and look for hidden places and clues to discovery.

Star Souls
2.5 20 6
3 Mar, 2020

One by one, the stars begin to die without reason. Thousands of inhabited worlds are turned to dust. You and your crew must find “the Transition”, your last desperate hope to find new worlds. Assemble your fleet, customize your spaceships and fight for the salvation of all intelligent life!

Havoc Runner
0.0 1 0
3 Aug, 2020

"Havoc Runner" is a futuristic action and 2D platform game that will take you to Titan's moon to face killers robots, missile launchers, and automated weapons in a hostile environment where you must find and destroy the Tupan computer, preventing a missile attack on the planets of the solar system.

INEXAR Unusual Star
N/A - -
Coming when its ready

Survival horror story about how the INEXAR spacecraft arrived at the Unusual Star space station. INEXAR Captain Viktor Hill is an explorer, he is not a soldier, but he will not only have to face evil, but also a sense of fear and loneliness. But perhaps someone else is behind this evil...

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The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day
5.7 1151 328
22 Sep, 2016

The Uncertain is an story-driven adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Experience the mysterious vibe of each of carefully explored locations, solve diverse puzzles, make fateful decisions and discuss intriguing matters to find out the whole truth being kept from you.

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