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The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell

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Education3D PlatformerExplorationImmersive SimSimulation
0.8 3 4
11 Feb, 2021

梅西爾天體是由18世紀法國天文學家查爾斯.梅西爾所編的《星雲星團表》中列出的 110 個天體。梅西爾本身是個彗星搜索者,他集結這個天體目錄是為了把天上形似彗星而不是彗星的天體記下,以方便他尋找真正的彗星時不會被這些天體混淆。VR 體驗旨在展現梅西爾天體的魅力和宇宙的奧妙,結合天文知識創造一個合理又充滿趣味的體驗。利用虛擬現實的沉浸感和適當的互動增添體驗的代入感,讓參觀訪客有置身於宇宙天際,一睹梅西爾星雲星團的壯麗景色。

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Paradox of Hope
Paradox of Hope
VRAtmosphericPost-apocalypticShooterSurvival Horror
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TBA: free demo available now

Paradox of Hope is an immersive single-player VR shooter with survival and horror elements. Explore mysterious metro mazes of post-apocalyptic Moscow, use stealth or combat approach to achieve your goal, upgrade your equipment and arsenal, and enjoy the atmospheric moments of stalker’s life.

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