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Become an assassin. Your weapon: hypnotism. FREE DEMO AVAILABLE .
Windows · Single-player
SatireRPGMultiple EndingsChoices MatterDark Humor
Der "BER Bausimulator" ist eine Aufbausimulation von Deutschlands pannenreichstem Flughafen. Das erste offizielle Videospiel vom Postillon, Deutschlands beliebtester Satire-Website.
| Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Cloud · Remote Play Together
Rip Them Off is a new puzzle game of economic management and tower defense. The Board needs profit, and it’s up to you to line the streets with shops the masses can’t resist. Choose your locations, pick your stores and earn your way up the corporate ladder and its increasingly difficult challenges!
| | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player
How to Win is an anarchic adventure game where players get to decide the rules of play. You decide what our game is about, and what you need to do to win. Do we win by... Slaying the Dragon? Making the Most Money? Having the Most Fun? It's up to you.
| | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player
Story RichChoices MatterDark ComedyPoliticalVisual Novel
Become President in this hilarious Punch-Out-inspired political sim where all laws have been replaced with boxing! Each opponent has unique tactics and special moves to test your skill and strategy on your way to the White House! Form your own third party and hit the campaign trail. Literally.
| | | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support
RetroFunnyFightingPolitical SimSatire
Experience the ultimate power fantasy as the apex predator of the seas - a giant Shark! Terrorize the coastal waterways. Tear swimmers and divers limb from limb, give the humans a reason to fear you!
Windows · Single-player
UnderwaterOpen WorldAction RPGSimulationViolent
Look down the barrel of a future where all your everyday needs are solved with guns.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Captions available · Steam Cloud
Dark ComedyStory RichShooterAdventureVR
Amidst the chaos and insanity of a world ravaged by socialism and Satan, the saviour will be resurrected to deliver another round of divine retribution. As evil shrouds the Earth, it's up to J.C & friends to strike back and cast the first stone in this SATIRICAL, COMEDIC open world adventure.
| | | Windows · Mac · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support
ActionAdventureRPGSexual ContentGore
Solar Sails is a satirical space pirates adventure game inspired by Treasure Planet and Lovecraft. Take control of a 17th-century pirate ship, upgrade it with powerful alien technologies, and sail onwards to plunder a galaxy full of treasures and mysteries.
Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Co-op · Shared/Split Screen Co-op · Shared/Split Screen
Action-AdventureSpacePiratesSteampunkTop-Down Shooter
Fuhrer in a LA is a grindhouse-styled top-down action-adventure game which takes place around 1947, unraveling the truth about the demise of the Fuhrer post World War 2.
Windows · Single-player
Parody ActionAdventureAction-AdventureSatire
Do you have what it takes to work at a call centre?
The Call CentreCOMING SOON
Windows · Single-player
SimulationVisual NovelInteractive FictionFunnyDark Comedy
This is an intense strategy board game in a steampunk world of corrupt capitalist gremlins who compete for money, political power and prestige. Save and invest, steal and extort, arrest and get arrested – in single-player and multiplayer, with ranks and ladders, team mode and spectator mode.
| | | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Multi-player · PvP · Online PvP · Co-op · Online Co-op · Cross-Platform Multiplayer · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Workshop · Steam Cloud · Stats
Board GameCard GameTabletopStrategyTurn-Based
Cyber-noir platformer in which you steer high-performance papamobile through a future city in order to deliver a cure that could save humanity.
Windows · Single-player
The year is 2028. Straight males are sent to death camps. The constitution is replaced by the decree of 74853769 genders. Anyone who retweets anything mildly offensive is publicly executed. Explore a world void of morality in this comedic satirical parody third person shooter.
| Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Partial Controller Support
BDSM is the first satirical action RPG where you get to play Lou, Satan’s son! Get some booze, kill the traitors, save Hell and rescue the hottest demoness from the clutches of those nasty people and mega-corporations!
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Cloud
Sexual ContentViolentAtmosphericGreat SoundtrackTwin Stick Shooter
Stalin vs. Martians 4 is an unlikely sequel to the infamous Stalin vs. Martians game. This time it is a (mostly) isometric action/shooter game with multi-genre features, campy humor, insane video intermissions, ridiculous narrative and a “sketch comedy” approach.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Cloud
ActionShooterTop-Down ShooterTwin Stick ShooterIsometric
Take control of the National Nightly News, as a radical government comes to power. In this immersive, high-pressure, propaganda sim, you control what the people see and determine what’s Not For Broadcast.
Windows · Single-player
Time ManagementFPSPoliticsPoliticalManagement
A game about bloody and cruel story of toys.
Windows · Single-player
Platformer2D PlatformerActionShooterViolent
By signing below, you agree to follow the Protocol. Protocol is a program of strict rules created to make first contact with an alien life form that got shot down in the Arctic Circle.
| | Windows · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Cloud
Political Animals is an election campaign simulation game set within a world populated by corrupt crocodiles and meritocratic mice. In a political contest where corruption is always around the corner, can you win without getting your paws dirty?
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Multi-player · PvP · Shared/Split Screen PvP · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Remote Play Together
Political SimSimulationStrategyIndiePolitics
Sex Poker brings the amazing world of high stakes poker to a whole new adult level. Allowing you to customize your own supermodel dealer and then take her to your personal high roller suite for adult fun.
| Windows · Mac · Single-player
Early AccessStrategyCard GameDating SimTrading Card Game
Manage a community consisting of the craziest scum left on Earth after it was totally flooded. Expand your town, research craziest new technology, send expeditions to gather materials but whatever you do don’t let any of the groups living in your town gain more power than the others...
Windows · Single-player
IndieSimulationBase BuildingDiplomacyDark Comedy
Every world needs its heroes. However unlikely they may seem. Join Wilbur, Ivo, Nate and Critter in another classic point-and-click adventure in the wicked world of Aventásia. Help them fulfill their destiny. A destiny as yet unwritten.
| | | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud · Remote Play on TV
FantasySingleplayerAdventurePoint & ClickAtmospheric
When you're a lonely ghost, you have to get creative to make new friends. Possess the living and steer them into hazards to release the friendly ghosts trapped within. Make as many friends as possible to keep up with the latest memes on the afterlife's hottest social media app, LiveBurial.
Windows · Single-player · Partial Controller Support
PuzzleFunnyDark HumorIndieDark Comedy
A murdered wife, a kidnapped daughter, and a stolen TV bring an assassin-turned-photojournalist back into the game. Use your cell phone to investigate and hunt your targets while exploring the Flat World universe. Avenge your wife, rescue your daughter, and most importantly...reclaim your TV!
| Windows · Mac · Single-player
Have you ever wanted to be blown for only 3$? Well, your dream is now a reality! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Every time someone buys it, I will record myself blowing a balloon!
Windows · Single-player
Early AccessCharacter CustomizationPoint & ClickCuteFMV
defend skullheadworld. shoot skulls at invading skulls. collect skulls to protect your skull. flush skulls to upgrade. part single-stick bullet-hell shooter, part top-down physics brawler. super addictive arcade fun.
| | | Windows · Single-player · Multi-player · Co-op · Shared/Split Screen Co-op · Shared/Split Screen · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Steam Cloud · Stats · Steam Leaderboards
ActionArcadeShooter2D FighterBullet Hell
The Stanley Parable is a first person exploration game. You will play as Stanley, and you will not play as Stanley. You will follow a story, you will not follow a story. You will have a choice, you will have no choice. The game will end, the game will never end.
| | | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Achievements · Full controller support · Captions available · Steam Cloud · Remote Play on Phone · Remote Play on Tablet · Remote Play on TV
ComedyNarrationIndieWalking SimulatorFirst-Person
Throw your toys into your fire, and play with them as they burn. An adventure that takes place almost entirely in front of a fireplace - about looking up up up out of the chimney, and the cold world just on the other side of the wall. From the creators of World of Goo and Human Resource Machine.
Little InfernoHIGHLY RATED
| | | Windows · Mac · Linux · Single-player · Steam Trading Cards · Steam Cloud

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