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Burden of Command
N/A - -
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Can you lead? Burden of Command is an emotionally authentic tactical leadership RPG. You’re a company Captain in the historical Cottonbalers. Fighting psychology as much as bullets, you must build respect, trust, and battlefield experience to bring your brothers safely home.

Chroma Squad
7.4 2257 113
30 Apr, 2015

Tactical RPG about 5 stunt actors who decide to quit their jobs and start their own Power Rangers-inspired TV show! Cast actors, upgrade your studio, craft Mechas of cardboard and duct tape. Once the cameras are rolling, control your cast of 5 colored-jumpsuit-clad warriors in turn-based battles.

Philosopher's Stone and Minerva
N/A - -
23 Nov, 2021

It is a world where the human world and the demon world coexist. The demon king, "Orkus", defeats the former king and takes the current king away. The warrior Minerva goes to the Demon King's castle to bring back the king. Will Minerva and Merus be able to protect the world?

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N/A - -
18 Oct, 2022

2022年度战争策略手游,史诗级三国历史游戏大作! 全新攻城战法,无限英雄培养,每日福利不停。 最强三国历史题材国战游戏,每天上演城池版图变迁。 再现经典三国战场,回合制战斗模式加即时国战控制策略游戏,超大实感地图,智能多部队行军,丰富的战斗体验和多样内政玩法,给你带来不一样的体验.

Requiescat 救贖之路 (Demo)
1.9 10 4
Oct 2021

《 Requiescat 》 is a single-player adventure RPG game with 【45 degree view】+【story-oriented】. The original soundtrack of a well-known musician, with a unique “impasto” artistic style. The campaign is about 10-12 hour. The player plays the unknown heroine in "The End of the World" and explores...

Untamed Tactics
N/A - -
Q2 2023

Untamed Tactics is a Tactical RPG with strategic combat set in a procedural world filled with colorful animals. Relive the legend of Greycoat’s escape into the untamed Wilds in a tale of lost honor, as you fight, talk and think your way through this beautifully illustrated adventure!

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Tales of Tarium: Awakening from the Ashes
0.0 0 1
19 Aug, 2022

Explore this dark medieval world while fighting mythological creatures. Throughout betrayal, nervous battles and hidden truths decide whether to defend the honor of high members of the church, help a rebellious group of cultists or embrace on a quest to reveal the secrets of this land.

Evacuation Combat
N/A - -
28 Feb, 2023

A 3D werewolf kill class game, 2 evil demons incarnate into human beings, hidden in the 8 crew, a just demon also attached to someone, silently protect human beings. We have to survive, complete the mission, evacuate from the contaminated space station, or take the lead in destroying all the demons.

Spunky: Gangster Simulator
N/A - -
29 Dec, 2023

Enter the world of crime with Spunky Gangster Simulator. Assume the role of a mafia leader in this role-playing themed game. The mafia bosses, monopolize their presence in the crime world will develop their gangs and struggle with each other. Who will establish domination in the city?

Battle Hunters
1.5 5 1
4 Nov, 2020

BATTLE HUNTERS is a classic-style RPG adventure with an original, tactical real-time combat system and 28 unique heroes to discover and recruit - all with unique abilities and powerful special moves. Over 15 hours of gameplay, across 5 regions of the kingdom, with a huge array of enemies to battle.

Far Away From Home
2.7 19 3
18 Aug, 2022

Far Away From Home is a story-driven tactical RPG. Battle foes in turn-based combat, turn monstrous enemies into friends, customize your party with a variety of builds, and craft powerful gear to enhance your playstyle. Unfold the mystery of your lost party as you try to find a way home.

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1037 games found - page / 29

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