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Airstrife: Assault of the Aviators
Airstrife: Assault of the Aviators
Side ScrollerShooterActionArcadeBullet Hell
2.4 12 1
26 Feb, 2021

Use Aileron Rolling or Evading your enemies' attacks while having a realistic damage system. Use different planes with upgradable parts and numerous weapons you can mount to your planes to destroy your enemies. Fly solo or play with your friends and enjoy local coop. A modern re-invented classic.

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The Iron Oath on Steam
Twin Stick ShooterTop-Down ShooterArena Shooter4 Player LocalLocal Co-Op
0.7 2 0
10 Nov, 2020

KosmoSquad is a twin-stick arena shooter where you survive as long as you can against an ever-increasing hoard of enemies. Fight alone or with up to three friends and collect star multipliers to maximize your high score. Use your score points to purchase upgrades for your ship and try again!

Atomic Guardians
0.7 2 0
12 Feb, 2021

ATOMIC GUARDIANS is a fully CO-OP arcade retro shoot 'em up, where one player flies the ship, and the other player mans the shields. Fight your way through a never ending horde of Brutal Bosses, Alien Monsters and Gigantic Asteroids as you rack up a new world-wide high score. Play with up to three friends, and see how long you can last!

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Hovercars 3077 on Steam
Thunder Wolves
Thunder Wolves
FlightThird-Person ShooterMilitaryWarShooter
5.1 289 36
15 May, 2013

When this “wolf pack” strikes, you hear the thunder roll. The Thunder Wolves attack from the air. They are mercenaries, and the best helicopter pilots in the world. Every one of them is ready for action at all times—and ready to fight evil, wherever it lurks. The Thunder Wolves have already made it through countless battles.

Trash Patrol - Academic Version
Trash Patrol - Academic Version
MultiplayerLocal MultiplayerLocal Co-OpCo-opStylized
2.2 12 3
17 May, 2022

Trash Patrol is a local cooperative multiplayer game for 2-4 players. Break into a house, look for something to steal together with your raccoon friends. Don’t forget to wash and dry all items carefully! And watch out for the homeowner - They are not amused to see you within their home

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798 games found - page / 23

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