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Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition
7.6 2770 158
11 Apr, 2017

Uncover secrets of past lives in this story-rich, tactical roleplaying game set in Sigil, a dark fantasy city at the heart of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse. Explore the planes, survive combat alongside a party of bizarre companions, and solve puzzles unlike any ever seen in the genre.

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The Iron Oath on Steam
Grid Force - Mask of the Goddess
Grid Force - Mask of the Goddess
SingleplayerTacticalTactical RPGIndieAction
N/A - -

Conquer the grid in REAL-TIME in this tactical bullet-hell RPG with a large, diverse roster of heroes to recruit and evolve, lightning-fast combat, and a deep story that adapts to your choices. Play as Donna, a fighter in search of the perfect team who can defeat the goddesses and save the future.

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Hovercars 3077 on Steam
Tribal: Slavene Kingdoms
Tribal: Slavene Kingdoms
StrategyRPGTactical RPGHand-drawnTurn-Based Strategy
N/A - -
Wishlist & follow. Demo coming soon!

A party-based RPG in a hand-drawn environment, representing a fantasy setting based on Slavic mythology and folk tales. Tactical combat with simultaneous planning of character actions, designed specifically to improve upon the slow, turn-based gameplay, especially when playing in multiplayer.

Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga
N/A - -
Coming Soon - Wishlist Now! ⚔

Enter Tahnra, a land savaged by war. You, a fresh academy graduate with humble beginnings, will grow to lead a grand army against a corrupt adversary. Gather heroes, form bonds, and lead your force in turn-based battles. Make use of tactics, terrain, morale and more to bring peace to the land!

Live by the Sword: Tactics
Live by the Sword: Tactics
Early AccessRPGTurn-Based TacticsStrategyTactical
2.3 12 2
23 Jun, 2021

Live By The Sword: Tactics is an unashamedly old school tactical RPG with modern gameplay ideas. Set after the fall of the land, you control two brothers who must traverse the kingdom to stop it from falling back into the darkness of conflict. Single Player and Multiplayer game modes available.

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941 games found - page / 27

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