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Fractured Online
2.5 151 203
15 Sep, 2022

Define your own destiny in this dynamic, open-world sandbox MMORPG. Explore vast fantasy worlds, fight monsters and other players in dynamic PvE and PvP battles, gather resources, set up a trade empire, grow your virtual home to a major city or conquer others. Chose your own way!

Cinderstone Online
N/A - -

Cinderstone Online is a cute and colorful MMORPG. Protect the world from the rivalry gods wanting their stolen lands back. Climb your way for glory, farming, trading, conquering and becoming the ruler of a region. Explore and find new locations filled with rewarding loot and mysteries to uncover.

8.7 23965 4254
6 Sep, 2022

Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure. Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem, battle other tamers, customize your house, join a friend's adventure or explore the dynamic online world.

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Death Drive: A Deck-Building Open World Survival RPG
N/A - -
TBA - Wishlist Now!

Death Drive is a deck-building open world survival RPG card-battler set after a zombie apocalypse. As one of many survivors in a world where humanity only begins to rebuild, set out across the desolation, discover the truth about the outbreak, and rebuild human civilization - or die trying.

Starting Life In Another World Naked
1.5 5 1
2 Jul, 2022

You will venture into a world much like ours before you are "taken" to another world, a fantasy world. You are the hero of this new world, but sadly you start off with nothing. You must survive and build your way to defeating the Demon King; that's why you were summoned in the first place.

Hate Free Heroes Tactics - Strategy Building MMORPG
0.0 0 1
22 Mar, 2022

Hate Free Heroes Tactics is a community based online game and adventure. Help your city reduce aggro levels by building your agency, defeating aggromites and researching new ways of keeping city aggro levels at a minimum. Play from any web browser, PC, tablet or phone.

2.2 15 5
18 Aug, 2022

Embark on a fantastic journey across a vast, unique world. With just a couple of minutes of play every day you will cooperate with other players to discover new technologies, build infrastructure and venture into unknown lands. All that with no fees or in-game purchases. Start your adventure today!

1.0 3 1
29 Nov, 2021

QuestNotes is an MMOTRPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Table Talk RPG). As a player, you can not only explore the fantasy world of swords and sorcery. As a master, you can become a storyteller and create scenarios and sessions. Up to four players can form a party and adventure together.

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Urbek City Builder on SteamTerminus on SteamFar Away From Home on Steam

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Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues
4.2 1510 1376
27 Mar, 2018

SHROUD OF THE AVATAR: FORSAKEN VIRTUES is a multiplayer fantasy RPG that sets the player on a path filled with peril and tough choices as they explore a persistent realm that can be shared with other Avatars. It is the spiritual successor to Richard Garriott’s Ultima games.

A Hero's Rest
N/A - -
12 Oct, 2022

Immerse yourself into a fantasy world as the proprietor of a small town in a world abounding with Heroes and monsters. Build shops, craft items with hundreds of customization options and manage your resources wisely while making sure to ward off the dangers that surround the land of Felonia.

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335 games found - page / 10

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