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Refraction: Beyond the Mirror
2.0 8 1
7 Jan, 2022

Refraction is a first-person survival horror game about escaping The Mansion that has trapped you inside itself. The Creature is out on the hunt. Explore the house, find the Runes and the Altar, hide away from the Creature, and use the Mirrors to learn all of the secrets of the house to escape it!

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Terminus on Steam

Promotion supporting the site:

Terminus on Steam
Under Iron Water
0.0 1 0
10 Mar, 2022

A first person adventure game with light platforming elements. On an island, somewhere in the ocean, a powerful creature has been captured but is slowly gaining power. It sends it's minions across the island to spread it's influence, one such location being the old village crypt, where you awaken.

N/A - -
Q4 2022 ⚡ Wishlist Now!

ARTIFICIAL is a first-person physics based puzzle platformer inspired by Portal & Half-Life series. Interact with the environment, pick up and throw objects, sneak around enemies, control intricate physics-based mechanisms and learn how to survive in the underground colony of asteroid 2031 XT.

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1580 games found - page / 44

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