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Incremental Epic Hero 2
3.9 263 146
22 Jul, 2022

A mixture of incremental/idle and roleplaying game set in fantasy world filled with monsters and things to explore, where battling is constant, almost everything can be upgraded, and with wide array of various prestige mechanics to always keep things interesting and moving forward!

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Thriving City: Song
N/A - -

公元960年,赵宋王朝建立,社会百废待兴。作为新上任的知县大人,你将带领百姓开荒建城,振兴百业,打造盛世繁华! 车水马龙,士农工商,看那酒楼茶坊遍布大街小巷,勾栏瓦舍唱尽人世悲欢。然而歌舞升平背后则是暗藏的危机。面对党阀相争、外敌入侵等重重困境,在时代的洪流中你将如何抉择?

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依盖之书 book of yog
5.5 1073 355
29 Jul, 2022

The Book of Yog is a 3D idle RPG game presented with a Cel-Shading art style. You can rally heroes, develop the kingdom and explore the secrets of a lost world. Dozens of heroes, hundreds of skills, thousands of loot for you to combine freely. Come to embark on a journey to build the strongest team!

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328 games found - page / 10

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