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Reverie Knights Tactics: Prologue
2.9 49 23
13 Jul, 2021

Reverie Knights Tactics: Prologue takes you on a journey to a hand-drawn fantasy world, where you guide your heroes through the first hour of the upcoming tactical RPG. The Prologue introduces you to the game’s story and includes three battles, as well as item crafting and character customization.

REM Cycles
1.4 4 0
31 Mar, 2021

One night, ten people fall asleep...and find themselves in someone else’s dream. Guide these unlikely heroes as they traverse strange lands filled with enemies and memories. Confront a mysterious antagonist and witness chats between battles while you search for reason in sleep.

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame
2.8 39 18
1 Sep, 2022

The Dragoness mixes HOMM-like exploration, city-building and turn-based strategic combat, with a roguelite twist. Choose your battles, paths and skills as you explore a world ravaged by war. Gather and manage your army of beasts, collect resources and expand your city.

4.1 146 38
6 Jan, 2021


Collapse of Magic
N/A - -

Collapse of Magic is a challenging grid-based, turn-based tactical RPG in which four unlikely heroes find themselves thrust into the center of an ancient prophecy. With minimal RNG, it bridges the gap between a classical turn-based tactical and a challenging optimization puzzle game.

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VenusBlood HOLLOW International
4.9 155 7
6 Jan, 2022

War hangs like the sword of Damocles over Helvetia, a land ruled by four Dark Lords. In this age of blood and strife, Leonhardt Arknoah, a war hero and leader of the Varganian Empire's secret task force, steps onto the battlefield once more, the flames of ambition burning brightly within him.

Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister
4.3 101 8
28 Jul, 2022

Vestaria Saga II continues the adventures of Zade, bringing the tales of him and his companions to a thrilling, satisfying end. They will encounter allies both new and old while uncovering more mysteries behind the vile Margulites and their plan to plunge Vestaria into a new age of darkness.

Silence is a lie
N/A - -
Q3 - 2022

„The Simple Balance“ is a tactical turn-based RPG. Explore a dark fantasy world and defeat enemies with magic spells, mighty weapons, and learned abilitys. Manage your team and deploy them promisingly to win the battle. Find out what is going on in this mysterious world and why you are here.

Eiyu*Senki Gold – A New Conquest
4.7 227 45
25 Jun, 2021

A young man takes up his sword and leads an army in search of his missing past. Carefully plan strategic turn-based battles against adorable portrayals of historical and mythical world heroes, as you conquer the globe... for not well explained reasons!

Age of Grit
2.3 17 7
3 May, 2022

Adventure across a Wild West world in a rickety, steampunk airship! Inspired by the likes of Firefly and the classic CRPGs of old. A unique setting filled with rich lore, deep stories, and adventure! Contend with outlaws, gunslingers, and bounty hunters in an epic quest for redemption and revenge!

N/A - -
coming soon

Explore the everlasting ancient Greek world. Steal the Fire of the Gods and fight mythical creatures, collect loot, and wield legendary weapons in a unique action-turn-based battle system that will encourage you to push forward at great speed through environmental puzzles in a mythological setting.

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Those Who Rule
N/A - -

Those Who Rule is a turn based tactical RPG where you command a group of new recruits in a low-fantasy, morally gray world. Expand and level up your party, equip custom weapons, and outmaneuver your opponents, as you uncover the truth behind the endless conflict affecting your country.

Slaves of Magic prelude
1.2 4 2
14 Dec, 2020

Slaves of Magic is a fantasy turn based tactical RPG, heavily inspired by the XCOM series and the first Guild Wars. The invaders have the knowledge how to use elemental magic, and with it, they try to enslave your world. Your job will be to lead the resistance against these invading forces!

Grey Heritage: Faded Vision
N/A - -
9 Dec, 2022

Command a rebellion as Leon Beaumont, Exiled Prince of Astrea, against the king that betrayed him. Engage in a classic turn-based tactical RPG experience as you unravel untold secrets from the past. Recruit allies, manage inventory, and train your soldiers in this JRPG inspired journey!

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430 games found - page / 12

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