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The Iron Oath on Steam
Mutated Muter's Invasion
N/A - -
13 Apr, 2021

A fun platformer adventure game about a music note fighting mobs and collecting power-ups and other items (with a couple side-scrolling shooter levels). Neutralize the evil Mutated Muter, a magical monster from the outer space who wants to steal all the music from the world!

Headbangers in Holiday Hell
3.1 23 0
7 Dec, 2020

Christmas. Christmas never changes. Soon those overzealous little freaks will swarm the city led by that bearded maniac. But this time, we fight back. Inspired by Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Beavis&Butthead's heavy metal comedy, this is twin-stick mayhem like you've never experienced before.

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Terminus on Steam
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615 games found - page / 18

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