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The Chess Variants Club
3.3 31 2
15 Dec, 2020

Play and discover 12 popular chess variants, improve your chess skills with hundreds of chess puzzles, or simply play regular chess with your friends - all in one package. This diverse collection includes several chess games and puzzles. All in a minimalist, beautifully designed virtual chess club.

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Terminus on Steam
Richman 4
N/A - -
27 Jul, 2022

*** This game is only available in Chinese ***《大富翁4》为掷骰子回合制桌上游戏,玩家在游玩时,除可购买土地、股票外,还可投资公司、参加拍卖,过足富豪瘾。游戏支持单人、多人游玩,玩家既可以与计算机AI角色一同游玩自得其乐,也可和二三好友一起,来一局富豪间的财富PK。

4.4 143 23
25 Jul, 2021

最真实骰子系统,使用物理引擎通过扔出三个方向的力量,计算重力,弹性,摩擦力得到骰子结果。 丰富合理的卡片系统,合理使用卡片往往是逆转的关键。 游戏玩法丰富。支持混战模式,组队模式,世界地图,中国地图。自建房间支持2,3,4,6人,初始资金可自定义。

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Terminus on Steam
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581 games found - page / 17

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