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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt

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Insula: Bounty Royale
Insula: Bounty Royale
ActionSportsFree to PlayIndieBattle Royale

Insula: Bounty Royale

0.00 0 Alpha Planned To Start: Q2 - 2021

Insula: Bounty Royale is a F2P, fast-paced, PvP arena shooter with heavy PvE elements. It has a fully intertwined campaign advanced by accomplishments in the multiplayer arenas. With some of the most addictive high octane aerial combat to be found, it makes for a truly unique play experience.

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Queen of Zarkov
Queen of Zarkov
Looter ShooterAction RoguelikeThird-Person ShooterZombiesSurvival Horror

Queen of Zarkov

0.31 1 4 Oct, 2021

'Queen of Zarkov' is an 'indie-3rd-person-shooter' that combines elements of 'Escape from Tarkov' with zombies. Embark on missions and loot everything you can, while surviving against different types of zombies and other deadly threats. All your Equipment will be lost if you die, so try to survive!

Secrets of the Lost Tomb
Secrets of the Lost Tomb
ActionAdventureAction RPGAction-AdventureBattle Royale

Secrets of the Lost Tomb

2.016 11 6 Oct, 2021

Explore a new world of twists and turns where you will be at the edge of your seat. Secrets of the Lost Tomb is an Egyptian-themed role-playing game with puzzles, first and third-person perspectives, and adventure. Players can enjoy a challenging yet engaging campaign and also party up with friends.

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435 games found - page / 13

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