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Urbek City Builder on SteamFar Away From Home on SteamTerminus on Steam

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The Survivalists
6.3 2861 904
9 Oct, 2020

A living world full of surprises, secrets and danger awaits in The Survivalists, an adventure-filled survival sandbox set in The Escapists universe. Explore, build, craft and even train monkeys with up to three friends in a desperate bid to survive. Have you got what it takes to be a Survivalist?

The Riftbreaker
8.6 10099 880
14 Oct, 2021

The Riftbreaker™ is a base-building, survival game with Action-RPG elements. You are an elite scientist/commando inside an advanced Mecha-Suit capable of dimensional rift travel. Hack & slash countless enemies. Build up your base, collect samples and research new inventions to survive.

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Far Away From Home on SteamTerminus on SteamUrbek City Builder on Steam

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Don't Die In The West
N/A - -

An open-world survival crafting game for 1-4 players set in the old west. Start a new life, explore the prairie and tame the wilderness. Become the legend of the West as you avenge the untimely death of your uncle with your gang. To survive, you must build a new home and a reputation of your own.

The Store is Closed
N/A - -

The Store is Closed is a coop survival game set in an infinite furniture store. When the lights go out, the staff attack. You’ll need to craft weapons, and build fortifications to survive the night. Explore the underground SCP laboratories and build towers to the sky to find a way out.

Northern Lights
3.4 113 61
14 Dec, 2020

Northern Lights is an open world survival simulation set in the extreme conditions of the arctic tundra. Clinging to life, you must use real-life survival techniques to gather resources, craft, and hunt while tending to your health and sanity. Can you survive your way out of the mysterious island?

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537 games found - page / 15

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